Would You Be Poured Out?

Preached by Chris Adams, May 20, 2007

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God has always poured out for those who love Him!

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The title of this message reflects the words of a hymn, where God asks us whether we will be poured out the same way Jesus was . . . and when you really see his generosity and the extent to which God goes to meet our needs, the only response to His grace is to pour out your life for Him. But what is keeping you from pouring out?

Sermon Outline (Thanks, Mikiel!)
“Would You Be Poured Out Like Wine?”
Preached by: Chris Adams
Sunday, May 20, 2007

Judges 21:25
• Christianity is a relationship-based religion.
• In great relationships people continually re-evaluate how their relationship is going.
Question: Where is my relationship with God going?
• The difference between commitment and involvement is the heart behind it.
• Our commitment is to a God who has given us so much.
• Jesus decided on the cross to love us unconditionally.
• Jesus is calling us to be “poured out like wine” but only as he poured himself out!
• The Israelites were doing what they wanted . . . what was right in their own eyes. (Judges 21:25)
• It is so easy to slip into this assembly based religion.
• If the book of Joshua is the book of victory, then the book of Judges is the book of defeat.
• There is this cycle that we go through: commitment to God, forgetting God and becoming ungrateful toward God, becoming distressed & depressed, calling out to God and then God providing a way out after calling to Him.

1 Corinthians 10:11 Let’s learn from the spiritual lessons of the past!
• God delivered the Israelites out of Egypt: God is saving us out of slavery.
• God sent the Israelites out to the desert: the Christian life – we have got to go through it.
• God got the Israelites through the Jordan River: the Jordan River is death for us. Only when we cross it, will we reach the paradise of eternity in heaven with God.
• God allowed Joshua to lead the Israelites to the Promised Land: that hope, that inspiring promise is the final victory over death for faithful followers of Jesus.

Judges 1:19
• They gave up. They allowed those people to stay.

Judges 1:27-28
• It shows our human nature. We quickly forget God.
Question: Can God really do this in my life?
Question: Can God use me?

Judges 2:10-23
Question: Do you ever feel that draining of God’s power in your struggle with sin that you might have even already had victory over in the past?
• It is sometimes difficult to listen to judges.
“I hope that the cross is a sign of victory for us, today.”
• There is nothing that God cannot do in our lives.

Judges 4:1-8
• God has always poured Himself out for His people.
• Deborah considered herself a mother of Israel.
• She waited 20 years before God poured Himself out to deliver Israel.
Question: How long are we willing to put up with a situation before God pours Himself out for us?
• You see Deborah and her conviction. She heard a message from God to give to Barak.
Question: How do we hear Barak’s response?
• There’s Barak – Mr. Unfaithful . . . Mr. Un-willing. Or do you hear humility and him asking for help to do what he knows God wants him to do?

Question: Are you willing to be poured out by God to do something great?
• Barak proved that all you need is a little bit of faith for God to do incredible things.

Judges 4:9-17
• God totally won that victory. Deborah gave him encouragement. Barak needed some encouragement.
Question: Why did she risk it all?
“I believe that she had her eyes set on the God who would pour Himself out for His people.”

Question: What if her plan failed?
• If her plan failed, then it was a sure death for Israel.
Question: Don’t you want to pour yourself out like wine?
Question: Don’t you long to live by faith like this—to risk it all?
• You got to read the Word of God and apply it to your life.
• There is something written in the Bible for every situation that you face in your life.
• What Deborah did was risky but it was very faithful.

Judges 5:1-5
• Both Deborah and Barak sang out to God. “God did something through us!”
• This is why Deborah risked it all: It was about glorifying and praising God because of His love and the way He poured Himself out for Israel.
• God will always find His people who call out to Him and respond to His pouring out!
• We need to look for God’s people as well.

1. Poured out for Him.
Question: Why did Jesus pour Himself out for God?
• Jesus knew God.

Psalm 68:7-9

Psalm 77:17
Question: Did Jesus know how God led Israel out of Egypt?
• We got to know God. Most often it is your own Bible study.

Zephaniah 3:17
• Look at what God did in the middle of Israel prostituting itself.
• God is quieting them with songs. God is quieting us with songs.

Luke 22:20
• Jesus knew that He was going to be poured out.
Question: Do you think that Jesus would have made it, if He were only going to die on the cross for us?
• What got Him through was God.
• Jesus knew that He was going to be poured out but He trusted in who God was.

John 14:30-31
• Jesus wanted the world that He was doing exactly what God commanded him.

Question: Are you going to try to do what Jesus did without the motivation of Jesus?
• We need to get the motivation to do exactly what the Father commanded.

Question: What did Jesus do at the last second, with his last breath?
• He obeyed God – perfect submission.
• Our motivation has to be from God.

Question: Why would we not pour ourselves out for God if we have that motivation?
Question: What is the secret?
Question: How did He do it?
• If you cannot understand it in a spiritual way, then think of it as a personal relationship.
• In a relationship it is so much clearer.
i. Fear of rejection [“I have been burned before. I am protecting my heart.”]
ii. It is not going to make an impact [involvement as opposed to commitment]
Question: What is it for you?
Question: Why don’t you pour yourself out?

2. Poured out for me.
Isaiah 53:10-12
• Jesus was numbered with transgressors.
• Jesus went to Hell itself. He was bold and courageous. That is who He is.

Romans 8:31-33
• What stops us from believing and pouring ourselves out like wine are Satan’s lies.
Question: What does that tell me?
• God poured Himself out unsparingly. He lavishes it on us.
Question: Don’t you want God by your side?
• God will do anything for you. God is your strength.

Philippians 2:6
• The meaning of the word “nothing” in Greek is that He emptied Himself, He poured Himself out.
• He understands our temptations because He was tempted with every sin.
• He became exactly what we need to overcome our temptations.

Titus 3:3-8
• God has not asked us to do something that He has not already done Himself.
Question: Why did He pour out His Son like this?
• For us to become heirs.
• He is teaching us so that we can do something.

Hebrews 7:23-28

Hebrews 9:14-15
• God is once and for all poured out perfect so that once and for all we are saved.
• You do not have to be perfect. You have to have Jesus to perfect you.

Hebrews 12:1-3
• God does not want us to lose heart. God does not want us to lose faith.

2 Corinthians 5:14-15
• God does not want us to not have that power; He wants us to be able to pour ourselves out like wine.

Romans 6:13-14
• Whether it was musical instruments or weapons of war, the application for our lives is that we offer ourselves up as instruments of righteousness to God.
• In order to offer ourselves up as instruments of righteousness we must hate sin.
• It has to be a complete offering. Our relationships bring out the sin in us.
• Our relationships allow us to learn how to forgive and accept God’s forgiveness.
• It is awesome that God would teach us on that level.

1 John 1:5-10
• One part of offering yourself up as an instrument of righteousness is to be open and honest about your sin.
• God wants to use us for Him.

3. Poured out for the world.
• Jesus literally poured out His blood for us. But he set it up in such a way that we would respond to his love by pouring ourselves out TOGETHER for the world.

Mark 2:1-5
• We have got to pour ourselves out together like wine for other people.

Philippians 2:17-18
• Paul called them (by his life example and words) to have the same attitude as Jesus, share their faith like Jesus, disciple the sin out of one another like Jesus and pour themselves out like Jesus did.
• If you are not pouring yourself out like wine, then no one in your sphere of influence will.
• You need to pour yourself out like wine in order to be an example to those around you.
• We need to pour ourselves out together like wine so that we can call others to do the same.
• This church needs each person to pour themselves out like a drink offering.

Another example of this kind of amazing relationship is found in 2 Samuel 23:15-17.
(1 Samuel 7:5-7 & Genesis 35:14-15 sheds light on why David might have poured out the water—what do you think?!)
• Our friendships are meant to honor God, and we in the CNYCOC are blessed to have relationships like this. We can’t take each other or each other’s sacrifice for granted!
• The world will know by these relationships and “un-worldly” loyalty that you are doing something for God, even if they don’t understand it!
• We need to do it for God.

John 17:1-5
• This prayer took place right before He went to the cross.
• This is Jesus pouring Himself out like wine.
• All He cared about was pleasing His Daddy: that was His motivation.

John 17:18-23
Question: Why did Jesus pour Himself out like wine?
• For His Dad. For me. For the world.