The Power of One Life

Preached by Chris Adams, July 29, 2007

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Oppressive Sin + Never-ending Forgiveness + Ever-refreshing Openness = The Power of O.N.E. Life!

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At the end of his life, the apostle John writes several times to his “friends in the faith” (3 John 14). In 1 John 1:6-7 John defines our walking in the light as striving to be like God (as he is in the light). He connects our fellowship with him to the fellowship we have with one another. True fellowship comes from proclaiming Jesus to one another and confessing our sins to one another.

Only Jesus can cancel our debt of sin; however, there is also no purification without the openness of “walking-in-the-light-relationships” with one another!! The more we understand the power of sin in our lives, the more we’ll understand the power of forgiveness in our lives–and the more we’ll WANT to be open with our brothers and sisters. What is true love for your brother or sister in Christ, if they are walking in the darkness?
“Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. Whoever loves his brother lives in the light, and there is nothing in him to make him stumble. But whoever hates his brother is in the darkness and walks around in the darkness; he does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded him.” -1 John 2:9-11

Ask yourself then: Am I walking in the light or the darkness?
“The Power of O.N.E. Life”
Preached by Chris Adams
Sunday, July 29, 2007

1 John 1:1-4
• Jesus is radical about sin.
• The church is radical about sin.
• The church is radical about sin because Jesus is radical about sin.
Question: What was the book of Revelation written for?
Question: What was its purpose?
• We get weak and we get pulled into the world.
• The theme of the book of Revelation is death before denial.
• We are going to die before we stop fighting sin.
• We are going to die before we stop pursuing righteousness.
Question: What did John preach to the Christians?
Question: Are you really walking in Jesus?
• John used the word proclaim three times in 1 John 1:1-4.
• John was talking about true fellowship.
• True fellowship is proclamation.
• True fellowship is proclaiming Jesus to each other.
Question: When was the last time you proclaimed Jesus to someone?
Question: When was the last time you sat down with someone to tell him who Jesus was?
Question: Are you walking this way?
Question: Are you living this way?
• Jesus is fellowship.
• Walking in the light is Jesus.
• There are some things that are stopping us from having a true fellowship with God and there are some things that stop us from having a true fellowship with one another.
• The thing that is missing is TRUTH!

1 John 2:5-6
• Many will try to enter heaven and try to persuade others to take the easy way out to get to heaven. (Matthew 7 – narrow and wide gates)
• We are attached to the vine by faith in God’s grace. (John 15:1-6)
But the question is: How do you remain in the vine?
• You remain in the Word of God.
• You have to obey God’s Word and have Jesus’ words remain in you, to stay saved.
Question: Are you proclaiming it?
Question: Did you proclaim the Word of God and Jesus’ life to each other?
• If you did not hear the name of Jesus come out of the mouth of that brother in Christ, then you should be concerned about his spiritual well-being. Think of how many ways John says the name of Jesus in the first two chapters! (Word of life, the eternal life, the Righteous One, the Holy One, the Son)

1. The oppressive power of sin.
1 John 1:5-7
• Sin will ruin your relationship with God.
• Our dealing with sin and our fellowship with God are interconnected and interrelated.
• Our relationship with God and our relationships with each other are connected.
Question: Why don’t you get open?
Question: Why don’t you fellowship with other brothers in Christ?
• Fear is just pride.
• Jesus treated fear differently than we do.
• Jesus treated it as it should be – as sin.
• Fear can totally ruin our relationships.
• We do not learn how to have truly pure and deep friendships with the opposite sex unless we are in spiritual relationships with spiritual brothers and sisters in Christ.
Question: Do you want to live by the truth or do you want to live a lie?
• Your sin makes you stupid.
• Sin just makes us so separate from people.

Isaiah 59:1-2
• Sin separates.
• Our sin puts a wall between God and us.

Romans 3:23

Romans 6:23
• There is no other religion that teaches this: that our sin makes us deserving of DEATH and that Jesus willingly died on the cross to pay our debt of sin!
• We have got to have a different attitude about sin.

Ephesians 4:17-19 talks about how futile our thinking can become.

Gnosticism – background/context for John’s letters.
• Gnosis is the superior wisdom unattainable by human means.
• Demiurge was in Gnosticism the god of the Old Testament.
• What crept into Christianity by the influence of Gnosticism was the idea that God and His plan was inferior and because He created evil beings (humans) which meant that He must be evil.
• The divine being puts these seeds of light inside of you and the only way to free these seeds of light trapped in the evil human body was through the “secret knowledge” of life.
• Some people had a libertine view of Gnosticism. (Luke 12:19) If flesh is evil then it doesn’t matter what I do in this life!

So in this context, John writes:
• God is light!
• It’s up to us who claim to be in Him to walk as Jesus did! That’s the true light that is already shining! (1 John 2:8)
• God is awesome; He is pure.

• The world always offers an easier way out. Cheap grace is just that!
• “Let me take a pill and I will feel better” – we’re programmed to look for the easy way out.
• But Jesus says to love him is to obey his commands! (John 15:9-12; John 17:15)
• They were susceptible to the oppressive power of sin.
• Satan’s only weapon against us is sin.
“Let me read my Bible for only five minutes. Let me pray as I am driving to work.”
Question: Is that the easy way out?
• Friendship with the world starts when we stop dealing with sin. (James 4:4)

1 John 1:8-10
• Let us not cheapen God’s grace.
• We cannot live by this culture of doing what feels good.
• The Greek word for purification means a continual purification.
Question: If you were purified over and over again, then wouldn’t you want it?
• God wants to purify you over and over and over but there is this chain of self-deception and you do not even realize it.
• Example: Mountain stream that purifies the water like a natural filter.
Question: Don’t you think that not being open about your sin is lying?
• When we lie about our sin, then hypocrisy has to creep in.
• Hypocrisy kills the church because when a brother in Christ sees another brother in Christ not living by the Bible and doesn’t confront the sin–then both brothers stop living by the Bible and as a result of this chain of deceit eventually kills any righteousness in the church.
• The church is not only radical about sin but it is also radical about forgiveness.

2. The never-ending power of forgiveness.
1 John 1:7

1 John 1:2
• Check out the names John uses for Jesus.
Question: Is that how you refer to Jesus or are you afraid of how people will hear it?
Question: What responsibility do I have to take for my sin?
Question: Do you hate the sin in your life?
• If you think of your sin as each nail and Jesus as the one who receives it at the cross, then each blow of the hammer is your decision to sin.
• Imagine that each time you struggle with your sin as the nail going deeper into Jesus.
• We cannot be afraid of pain.
• Pain can be a very good thing.
• We hate sin; we do not want to sin anymore.
• Ultimately, it is about God forgiving us and us forgiving each other.

Matthew 18:22
• This forgiveness that we extend to others exists because we have been forgiven.
• The longer that we are disciples of Jesus Christ, the more people that can hurt us.
• Forgiving everyone is the standard.
• Jesus forgave everyone.
• When you have a hard time forgiving someone you have to deal with it and you are not in touch with your sin.
Question: What if everyone would just repent of his sin?

3. The ever-refreshing power of openness.
• It is all of our responsibility to walk in the light.
• We have decided to become disciples of Jesus Christ.
• We have said that we want to live by the truth.
• Jesus is calling you to be open.
• This is about your salvation.
• This is about you and God.
• There was some sin to be dealt with. (Ephesians 4:17-25)
• It does require great courage to get open with each other.
• Openness creates a safety net that is created by God that He wants us to have.
Question: What do you do when you see the brother in Christ who is in sin?
• You pray for him. (James 5:13) Openness just leads to more targeted prayers!
• If you would repent and get open with each other, then you would grow tremendously: what do plants do when they are in the light? (think FRUIT)
• Every disciple of Jesus Christ needs to walk in the light.
• God is powerful. Think of the scientific properties of Light. (6000 degrees Celsius on the sun; 168,000 miles/second speed, 1.2 seconds from moon to earth)
Question: Can the God who created light help you overcome sin?
• We are worldly; we are so easily deceived and we get sucked into the world.
• We have got to proclaim God to each other.
Question: What is the power of openness?
• Confession of sin will help with your insecurity or the darkness within you.
• The goal is that everyone on earth becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ.
Question: What have you confessed?
Question: What have you heard other people confess?
Question: What would that list of sins that you heard other people confess look like?
Question: Are you really confessing your sin?
• If you do not get open about your sin, then you will end up doing things your own way.
• The power of openness – that is God’s plan and that will bring disciples of Jesus Christ closer to each other.
• Put the following points together using only the first letter in the title:
1. Oppressive power of sin.
2. Never ending power of forgiveness.
3. Ever refreshing power of openness.
• You get the word ONE.
• You have got one life to live. Walk in the light and live it!!