The Power of One Body

Preached by Chris Adams, August 5, 2007

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Speak the truth in love to one another!

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What will build up the body of Christ, God’s church? You can see Paul’s appreciation for the power of God in his words: “The whole body . . . grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work. Ephesians 4:16. He explains this work as speaking the truth in love to one another. It’s clear that not one of us can throw off falsehood by ourselves, neither our own deceit or the lies Satan tries to discourage us with! But we’ve got to watch when we get angry with each other that we don’t give in to sinning in our anger–especially when that loving truth comes with sometimes unexpected pain.
“The Power of One Body”
Preached by Chris Adams
August 5, 2007

The Bible teaches that the church is Jesus’ body here on this earth. (Eph1:22-23)
• There are systems in our physical bodies: circulatory system, lymphatic system, digestive system, nervous system, etc.
• Every system of your body is absolutely vital.
• Millions and millions of things coordinated at the right time inside of your body.
• The body functions because every part does its work.
Question: Do we see each person as vital? Ourselves as vital?
• If a part of the body is sick, it requires special attention (1 Cor. 12:26)

Ephesians 4:15-16
• You are a ligament of the Body of Christ.
Question: How does the Body of Christ build itself up?
Question: What are you supposed to be doing to build up the Body of Christ?

Two jobs that God has given his church, Jesus’ body, to do while we are still on this Earth that will guarantee that we stay healthy!

1. Speaking the truth in love to one another
2. Making the most of every opportunity

1. Speaking the truth in love to one another
Ephesians 4:20-27
• It is still a battle – the old self is still being corrupted.
Question: How many of you love the process of putting of old self?
• You do not have a genuine, objective view of yourself.
• You need someone who can be an objective third party to tell you what he sees in you.
• We need each other.
• Every single person has insecurity.
• We must speak the truth in love to one another.

Question: What does the Bible say you have to do to put on a new self?
• You have got to pull off falsehood
There are two ways that you could have falsehood:
i. Our own lies /deceitfulness
ii. Satan’s lies.
Question: Do you know what Satan’s lies are in your life? If someone asked you today, “What is the top lie of Satan you must fight against?”
(Hint: if you don’t know it, you probably aren’t fighting it very effectively.)

1. We need to speak the truth in love to one another

• Confession and true fellowship are interconnected.
• When someone speaks the truth in love to you then you have to see it as obeying God.
• After you confess your sins to someone, you will feel a lot less burdened and God uses it to draw us closer to each other. We aren’t alone in our putting off of our old selves.
Ephesians 4:26 “In your anger do not sin.”
Why does Paul instruct about anger right after speaking truthfully to one another?
Question: When do you get angry? Is it when people confess to you or speak the truth?
• When angry, tempted to sin in our relationship- to pull back, to not resolve, to not forgive

Psalm 141:5
• When every disciple of Jesus Christ decides not to refuse the strike – the kindness.
• It is going to heal you. It is going to build up the church in love.
• Don’t get angry over someone else’s sin.
• Anger is the first and usually easiest emotional reaction when scared and protecting self

Mark 3:23-29
• We rob God because we have the opportunity to tie Satan up yet we let Satan loose.
• Sin of omission. (James 4:17)
• We cannot allow Satan to get a foothold that way because that will hurt the church.

Ephesians 3:14-19 and 6:18
Question: What should we do then when we see each other sin?
Paul’s reliance in prayer is so evident as he knows what will ultimately help them change—God’s power and God’s love!

1 John 5:16-17
• When you get angry about someone else’s sin, pray about it and then you’ll be free to talk about it.

• When you see sin, pray for one another then speak the truth in love. When someone speaks the truth to you, trust that they have already prayed for you and be grateful!

If you aren’t with the Body (missing discipling times, fellowship, midweek, bible talk, worship service and any other times the body is together) you are not hearing people speak the truth in love to you. So who are you listening to? Satan’s lies.
Decide to pray for and speak the truth in love to one another.

2. Making the most of every opportunity

• Making the most of every opportunity to build up.

Ephesians 5:8-17
Question: Why do you need to make the most of every opportunity?
i. Because you need to grow spiritually.
ii. Because so many need to be saved

• Fight for the right motivation. The works mindset = there is so much that I have to do that I haven’t been doing, but God is a long ways off at the finish line waiting to see if I am going to make it to get my reward – that is a lie from Satan – falsehood. This is not grace!
• Every step of the way the Bible says that God is with you. You can enjoy the process-God certainly does!
• You’ve got to know the lie of Satan to overcome it.
• “Faith-only” salvation is a lie of Satan because true faith bears the fruit of work done out of gratitude!

1 John 2:6
When discouraged by works mindset, we are susceptible to the lies from Satan.
• When you walk in the light, God is happy.
• Many need to be saved in the world.
• If they listen to false doctrine, then they will not be saved.
Question: Does Jesus expect us to obey? Do you expect yourself and others to obey?

Matthew 28:18-20
Question: How are you doing in learning, growing, teaching and obeying everything that Jesus had commanded?

Acts 18:24-28
Question: Why did they invite him to their home?
• So Aquila and Priscilla could explain the word of God more adequately! This learned man with a thorough knowledge of Scripture, but he only knew part of the story!! He didn’t yet understand why Peter instructed the cut-to-the-heart believers in Acts 2:38 to repent and be baptized, some of whom who surely had experienced the baptism of John like Apollos.

Romans 6:1-6
Question: Do you think that it takes love to speak the truth when it comes to doctrine?
• You can get spiritually prideful when you’ve put “a lot” into your spiritual journey.
• Works is believing that doing a lot of good deeds will earn you God’s forgiveness.
• Works is believing that anything else forgives you except God’s forgiveness.
• There are people who seek the truth and there are people who run away from the truth.

Jeremiah 29:11-14
• Many are still not saved, even in looking at what it means biblically to seek God with all our heart!
• We have got to speak the truth in love to one another.
• Jesus came full of grace and truth!
• We have got to be willing to speak the truth in love to one another.
• We have got to be willing to share our faith with people.
Question: Are you dying to yourself?
Question: Are you speaking the truth in love to other people?
Question: Are you making the most of every opportunity?
Question: Are you preaching the Word of God?
• Not every part of the Body is doing the work.

Hebrews 3:12-13
Question: Why was this written to the first century Christians?
• They struggled with the deceitfulness of sin . . . every day!
• We need each other desperately.
Question: Are you getting this encouragement in your life?
Question: Who are you encouraging daily?
Question: Whose life are you in daily?
Question: Do you want to be part of the problem, solution or the landscape?
• When leaders in the church sin and there is not openness and repentance, then it hurts the church.
• You have to be out there speaking the truth in love and making the most of every opportunity.
Question: What do you get intimidated by?
• People will get angry because you speak the truth in love to them.
• In this church we are going to speak the truth in love to one another and make the most of every opportunity.

Ephesians 2:1-10
(Communion message Scripture.)
(Prayer: Help us, God, to live everyday speaking the truth in love to one another. And help us, God, make the most of every opportunity.