Knowing God

Preached by Andrew Smellie, December 16, 2007

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Acts 17–God sets the times and the places!

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You may know who Tiger Woods is–even know some of his accomplishments and “stats” but do you really know him? His feelings, dreams, fears and insecurities? Knowing God will change anyone’s life from the inside out. Here are the four main points of Andrew’s sermon:
1. Those who know God will defend His honor.
2. Those who know God will trust in His Sovereign Plan.
3. Those who know God will show great boldness for God.
4. Those who know God have great contentment in God.

“Knowing God”
Preached by Andrew Smellie
Sunday, December 16, 2007

John 17:3
Question: What do you think of when you think of heaven?
Question: What is heaven?
Question: Do you know God?
Question: Who will you hang out with when you go to heaven?
• Eternal life is knowing God!

Jeremiah 9:23
Question: How many times do you hear people brag about what they know?
Question: What does God take delight in?
Question: What brings God joy and pleasure?
• Get to know God.
• You will have faith in God if you know Him.
• The word “know” in Hebrew means to know with your senses and not just your mind.

Psalm 34:8

1 Peter 2:2–3
• There is a sense of knowing God on an emotional level not just on an intellectual level.
Question: Why should you want to know God?
• You will have to meet God.
Question: Do you know the Creator who brought you in the world?
Question: Do you know the Creator who will usher you out of the world?
• There is a difference between knowing about God and knowing God.
Question: When was the last time you had a deep, sincere, one-on-one relationship with God?
• You know that God is by your side.
• However, we can become “momentary spiritual atheists.”
Question: Do you really know God?
• It is very easy to know God on an intellectual level.
• You can be a stranger to God instead of being a stranger to the world if you only know God on an intellectual level.

2 Timothy 3:7
Question: How can you be that way?
• Live it for God and not just know it.
• The temptation is to allow head knowledge to replace your relationship with God.
Question: Are you confessing your sin?
Question: Are you studying out what you confess?
Question: Are you sensitive to the sin in your life?
• Your prayer life shows you how connected to God you are.
• Watch how you live and pray to get God’s will.
• Knowing God’s will (and doing His will) is knowing God.
• It is during painful and hurtful times that you see how much you really know God.
Question: Who do you run to when you feel pain?
Question: What do you run to when you feel pain?
Question: Are you running to God?

Matthew 6:33
Question: Do you run to disciples of Jesus Christ in your life?

Daniel 11:32
Question: What is the effect that knowledge of God should have on you?
Question: What should the result be?

1. Those who know God will defend His honor.
Question: Are you enjoying the flattery of the world?
Question: Is He your everything?
• When God is being defiled or disrespected, you should defend His honor.
Question: Does dishonor to God’s Name spur you on?

Daniel 1:8–16
• Daniel as a young man.

Daniel 6:10
• Daniel’s convicting of standing up for God. (Luke 9:26)
Question: Do you feel like you can defend God’s honor?
• God’s truth and honor are constantly and directly being challenged.
Question: Do you defend God’s honor?
Question: What do you do when you are on campus or at work or at school?
• It starts with your personal discipleship.
• It starts with your own walk with God.

2. Those who know God will trust in His Sovereign Plan.
Question: Why were Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego committed to God’s plan?
• Everything happens because it is all part of God’s plan.
• People lose faith when their plans fail.
Question: Do you trust in God’s plan?
Question: Do you trust in God’s vision?

Daniel 5:18–21
• God never stops being in control.
Question: Do you trust in God’s Sovereign Plan?
Question: Do you need to be humbled like King Nebuchadnezzar was?
Question: Do you really trust in God’s plan?
• Think of all the Jews for whom the majesty and awe of God had faded because those who fell away stopped seeking God, His Kingdom and His Righteousness.
• Daniel was convinced that God would have the last word.
• God’s Kingdom will never fall.
• You could pour your heart out to people, but you should never stop doing that simply because they might fall away.
• Everyone will stand before God.
• The issue of sovereignty is so important because your pride and arrogance gets in the way.
• You can be like a kid to God: disobedient and rebellious at times.
• God does not make mistakes.
• You can be like a spiritual teenager.
• However, pride and arrogance stops you from being surrendered to God.
• Remember who God is.

Daniel 9:4–6
Look at Daniel’s prayer to see who God is:
• God is loving.
• Everything God does is righteous.
• God is righteous in everything He does.
Question: How do you think of God?
• Your prayer life shows how you view God.

3. Those who know God will show great boldness for God.
Acts 5:29
• Their loyalty to God required them to be bold.

Acts 20:24
• When you are convinced you embrace it without hesitation.
Question: What do you do even when other “Christians” do not stand up with you?
Question: How well do you know God?
Question: Would you be willing to stand up for the truth even if your close friends did not?
Question: Are you more loyal to your relationship with God than to your friendship with the world?

4. Those who know God have great contentment in God.
• If you have contentment, then it makes no difference what the circumstances are.
• You know God and God knows you.

Romans 5:1–5
• The peace that Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego knew.

Romans 8:16–39
Question: What makes you content?
Question: How is your marriage to God?

Daniel 3:13–18
Question: Do you ever feel that persecution from the world?
Question: Do you recognize how much you need to emotionally connect to God at a heart level?
• You need to become a lot more like Jesus.
Question: How much have you become more like Jesus?
Question: What are working on today to become more like Jesus?
Question: Which characteristic is your strongest?
• Grow in your knowledge of God and live it.