Winter Miracles in CNY!!

Dear brothers and sisters of the Central New York Church of Christ-

Acts 17–God sets the times and the places!

Don’t you love taking the chance during the last days of December to look back at the past year? At the same time I also love to look ahead to what God will do in the coming year! God has done great things among us this year, but even in the last 6 weeks more and more are giving thanks for His grace because of your faithful work produced by love.

It is amazing to think about the specific ways He has set the times and exact places where our brand new brothers and sisters would live (and where we would live), so that they could indeed reach out and find him, though he is not far from any one of us!

woman after getting baptized.

One such miracle is when SU freshman, Ashley Robinson, got baptized on November 11, 2007! She literally walked up to Andrew and some of the brothers in one of the campus cafeterias while they were studying the Bible with some other SU students and basically invited herself!! Her bright smile and humble heart to God’s will for her life has inspired all of us.

man after getting baptized.

Another young man, William Hicks, moved all the way from New York City after persevering through some intense trials in his personal life. He described how God tested his faith through a rough break-up with his girl-friend who was the only person he knew in Syracuse! The more he started seeking God and realizing how this relationship wasn’t pleasing God, the more pressure she put on him to CHOOSE between the Bible or her. He chose life and is now faithfully and powerfully contending for the faith to help other singles in Central New York decide to put their faith completely in God. I’ll never forget sharing Psalm 68:6 with William, how God sets the lonely in families and the tears we all shed together at how good God has been in our lives.

man getting baptized.

My encouragement to all CNY disciples is to get to know the joy, faith and love of these new brothers and sisters . . . so we can imitate them as the children of God they now are!

Much Love in Him,
Chris Adams