Pray for the Remnant

Preached by Chris Adams, January 27, 2008

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Therefore pray for the remnant that still survives! (Isaiah 37:4)

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Hezekiah knew he couldn’t face the Assyrians alone, so he prayed that God would come to Israel’s rescue. Despite their many years of turning away from their God in faithless living, Hezekiah’s faith here is remarkable. And he probably spread out Sennacherib’s gloating letter of intimidation, accusation and damnation more for his fellow Israelites than for God’s benefit. (God probably wasn’t near-sighted!) Their humble prayers were answered seemingly instantaneously, as Isaiah came back from the temple with the good news. We need to pray for the remnant; pray specifically; and pray for zeal! Then God will answer our prayers with an explosion of fruit (Isaiah 35) beyond anything we’ve ever seen before.
“Pray for the Remnant” preached by Chris Adams
Sunday, January 27, 2008

Isaiah 36:1-4
Question: How active have you been in prayer?
• It is very hard to rely on God.
Question: Why is prayer on your heart?
Question: Who is the remnant?
• God calls his people to be faithful.
• God calls people to join His faithful remnant.
• If you want to pray for the remnant, then you got to pray. . . in the same way that you have to breathe!!
Question: How can you go any longer without prayer?
• God is answering our prayers in our new movement.
• Let’s have a heart like Matt Sullivan (wrestling in prayer to surrender and overcome any weaknesses) when we pray for the remnant.

1. Pray for the remnant.
Isaiah 36:11-22
Question: Who did King Hezekiah send to meet Sennacherib? Non-military folk.
Question: How would you feel if you were asked to stand before a guy who was like Hitler?
• Sennacherib refused to have mercy on the man who King Hezekiah sent to him.
• The Jewish custom of tearing one’s robe meant that the person had an emotional tear in the core of his being.

Isaiah 37:1-4
Question: What did King Hezekiah do?
• When you are repentant in your heart and cut in your heart, then you can inspire others as well. (Joel 2:13)
• When you see your need for God is when you pray your best.
• You need to point other disciples of Jesus Christ back to God.
• Prayer is so powerful.
• In the time of Noah, the sin of the people distressed God to the point that He did not want to be with them!
• In the time of Moses, the sin of unbelief caused God to allow a remnant of only two (Joshua and Caleb) plus the next generation—out of two million people who crossed the Red Sea!
• In the time of Paul, the Jews unbelief in Jesus’ resurrection brought him unceasing anguish but he prayed for them to be saved. Romans 9:1-33

Luke 6:1-49
Question: How do you put that into practice?
Question: What happens when you pray?
• Your heart gets soft when you pray.
• You got to pray for the remnant

2 Timothy 3:1-9
• Pray for a soft heart and to repent of sins of the heart.
• James 5:16 “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.”
• Confess specifically, then people can pray specifically and God can heal specifically!

Isaiah 37:5-7
Question: Are you praying for the remnant?
• You got to pray for the remnant in your Bible Talk and as a Bible Talk.

2. You got to pray specifically.
• God answers faithful prayers.
• When you pray specific prayers, God will answer specifically.
• David’s faith was that God was going to answer his prayer specifically.
• God will respond to your prayer.
Question: How little faith do you have sometimes?
Question: How hopeless do you get sometimes?

Isaiah 37:14-20
• The letter from Sennacherib was one of threat, doom and destruction.
• King Hezekiah laid it out before God.
• You have to have discernment.
Question: What is your prayer list that you lay out?
• A prayer list takes openness.

Isaiah 37:21-35
• God answers specific prayers.
• God will reckon with everybody.
• God will make right what needs to be made right.
• God was going to protect His remnant.
• You can be drained of your strength and still used powerfully by God.

3. Pray for zeal.
Question: What does the zeal of the Lord remind you of?

John 2:12-25
• The Jews debased the temple.
• Jesus was consumed with zeal.
• When you pray specific prayers, God will answer those prayers with zeal.
• Jesus was consumed with zeal everyday of His life on earth.
Question: How do you know if you will die for Jesus?
Question: Are you willing to die to yourself and live for Jesus everyday?
• When you pray for zeal, then you pray to be like Jesus dying on the cross.

Isaiah 37:36
Question: Does that remind you of the cross?
• You deserved to be destroyed by God.
• Emotionally, you get drained.
• You need to be in a continual state of repentance.
• You need to pray for zeal.
Question: Can you imagine what would happen if everyone prays for zeal everyday?
• Do not be intimidated by powerless religion.
Question: Is the zeal of repentance consuming your life?
• You need to be a zealous person.
• You got to be zealous.
• The awesome thing about zeal is that it will overcome a lot of things.

“Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.” – C. S. Lewis

Challenge: I will pray before I even (fill in the blank) . . . or I will pray instead of (fill in the blank).