The Time of Glory Has Come

Sermon preached by Christopher Adams, August 24, 2008:

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Communion by Pete Ramirez:

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It’s about time we Glorified God!!

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How inspiring is Jesus’ prayer in John 17 to every disciple who has decided to take up their cross daily to follow Jesus?! That he starts with equating his own brutal death to an opportunity for him to bring glory to his father humbles us. Then his prayer for his few true friends’ protection endears us. Lastly, his visionary prayer for the chain-reaction of courage and love for the truth through the ages to bring each one of us into his Kingdom, ignites the flames of the Spirit in our hearts! That he actually prays for us is an honor undeserved but which we can treasure every day.

The time has come for us to complete the work Jesus gave us to do, to follow his life’s example in the resoluteness toward the goal of saving souls in Syracuse, in our region of Central New York and beyond. And to God be all the glory!
-chris adams

“The Time of God’s Glory Has Come” preached by Chris Adams
Sunday, August 24, 2008

John 17:1-5
• One of the last gospels written was the book of John.
• The Ephesians stopped focusing on their first love.
• They had deep convictions about sin.
• John wrote this gospel.
• The gospel of John is such the gospel of motivation!
• They needed for Jesus to continue to be their first love.
• Jesus was praying.
• Jesus’ life was all about prayer.
• Jesus’ whole life was a prayer.
Question: Do you even know what a prayer is?
• Disciples of Jesus Christ want to grow in their faith and in their love.
Question: What do you hear when you hear someone pray?
• When Jesus prayed, it was still school time.
Question: Is that your heart?
Question: Is praying John 17:1 the way that you get up out of bed?
• It was a humble prayer.
• Jesus was confident but his confidence came from prayer.
• It resonated from His heart and His prayers to God.
• Talk about setting your mind on things above.
Question: How would you walk if you had authority over everyone at your job?
• You should share your faith with confidence.

John 18:1
• The Garden of Gethsemane and the olive grove were after John 17. . .this shows how much prayer was Jesus’ on-going life pattern!

Matthew 26:39
• Jesus prayed about not going to the cross but He prayed about God’s will too.

1. It is time to know God and to be known by God.
• He equated knowing God with all eternity.
Question: Would you have defned eternity as knowing God?
Question: Is there any way to contain God with any of your thoughts?

Psalm 139:1-3

Hebrews 4:12-13
• There is security in being known.
• For example, a friend, parent or relative.
• Be open and be known by other people.
• You need to learn how to open up your heart and share it with people.
• Jesus prayed for you to be in heaven for eternity.
• The act of marriage can be known as knowing each other.
• The world replaces intimacy with lust.
• God really knows you.

1 John 4:7-16
• The call is for you to love.
• It is a call to love like Jesus loved.
• You need to learn how to be known.
Question: Do you want to love like Jesus?
• It is an eternal love.
Question: Do you know how to love if you do not love?

Luke 9:23-24
• The greater barrier to intimacy is yourself.
• You shortcut God’s plan for a perfect life.
• This is the secret to the life of joy: denying self.
• The way to be known by God and others is to die to your life.
• You need to die to yourself.

Galatians 2:17-20
• You need to allow God to test your love.
Question: What will you do to seek out a real relationship with God?
Question: What have you replaced a real relationship with God with?
• Jesus was settling for nothing short of absolute glory.
• Jesus said that on the cross is when He had the glory.
• Jesus had to suffer to learn obedience.
Question: Does that inspire you?

2. It is time to complete the work God gave you.
Question: What was Jesus’ task?
• To save the world.
Question: What did He say on the cross?
• It is finished.
• Jesus knew what His job was and He finished it.

Acts 20:24
Question: Do you know your task?
• You need to pray what Jesus prayed to have the heart that Jesus had.
• You have to surrender.
• You have to give up your life.

Ephesians 2:4-10
• Faith only is not going to save you; however it is true biblically that you are not saved by works.
• All throughout the epistles in the New Testament the word “works” refers specifically to the Law except for one or two Scriptures where it is a little ambiguous.
Question: How much work did you do at the cross?
Question: Are you saved by works?
• You are saved by God’s works.
• The Ephesians were struggling with God being their first love.
• You are totally aligned with God’s work if you have God as your first love.
Question: How does this affect you?
• You are not motivated by the cross if you do not do what God wants you to do.
• You have to repent and receive forgiveness of your sins.

2 Timothy 2:22-24
• God grants people repentance.
Question: How is it going with finishing His work?
Question: What was Jesus’ work?
Question: How much work does it take to teach a command?
• You are always learning.
• Think about teaching every minute of everyday.
• It can feel that way in your discipleship.
Question: Are you refreshed by God’s work?
Question: What is the work of a disciple?
• Your work will not be done until everyone gets to heaven.
• One thing that you have to have to finish His work is to have a victorious mindset.
• Pray for each other to have a victorious mindset.
• It is time to seize the day.

Finishing the work is baptizing people – taking people from the darkness to the light and keeping them there.
• God’s plan works.
• Kick out any thought that opposes this.
• You need a victorious mindset.

1 Corinthians 3:7

John 17:6-18
• You can have a victorious mindset because God is going to make it grow.
Question: Does God love people more than you do?
• You can be confident.
• Complete the work; the pressure is off.
Question: Is there anything that Jesus prayed that you do not believe?
• Every single one of you will be needed.

John 17:9-12
3. It is time to protect God’s own through prayer.
• You are God’s very own possession.
• God’s love is unconditional but a relationship with God is conditional.
• You have free will.
• If you need protection, then you need someone to pray for you.
• Your protection comes from prayer.
• Sometimes you realize that you are in a spiritual battle but other times you don’t!

Revelation 4:11-13
Question: Is there anything that He cannot protect you from?
Question: Are you under God’s protection?
Question: When was the last time that you prayed about God’s name?

John 17:13-19
Question: Do you want the full measure of Jesus’ joy?
• Jesus was in that moment of being in God’s presence regardless of other people’s reaction(s).
• Happiness – fleeting but joy is forever.
• The absolute certainty that you have in your relationship with God.
• Pray in a different way.
• Your prayer plan will protect you.
• Satan has a plan to rip you away from the Kingdom of God.