The Harvest is Plentiful

Preached by Chris Broom, Chicago International Christian Church Evangelist, October 5, 2008

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3 Servants of Christ – 3 Years – 3 Cities: Chris Adams, Syracuse; Andrew Smellie, DC; Chris Broom, Chicago

This past weekend was an incredible time to look forward to God’s amazing plan for the future of this “little church that could”–the Central New York Church of Christ! As if to underscore His promises of Jeremiah 29 to prosper us, God truly blessed the festive wedding of our brother and sister in the Lord, Joe and Sybell Lentini, as many of their family and friends marveled along with all of us at the miracle of two becoming one. Disciples from DC were in attendance, as well as Chris Broom, lead evangelist of the Chicago International Christian Church.

Genesis 1:27!!

The following day, Chris preached a stirring biblical call for every would-be and true disciple:
1. to produce fruit in keeping with repentance. Matthew 3:8
2. and to be a people who will produce (the kingdom’s) fruit Matthew 21:43

Jesus challenged the religious leaders of the day on the hardness of their hearts by stating the truth: that the tax collectors and prostitutes were entering the Kingdom of God ahead of them . . . and they refused to believe and therefore repent, as these “sinners” were doing right before their very eyes.

Jesus himself said the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few, but will the workers be YOU?!

Adding to God’s Kingdom!

Chris Broom left us with this reminder at the end of his sermon: “Every one of you is needed.”

Our new sister in Christ, Penny, wrote an inspiring letter to God, which she read before the entire Church on the day of her baptism, moving the entire audience to applause. You can find the touching “Letter to God” by clicking on the following link. Penny’s Letter to God

“The Harvest Is Plentiful” preached by Chris Broom
Sunday, October 5, 2008

Matthew 9:35-38
Question: Do you believe that the harvest is plentiful?
• It doesn’t matter where you live.
• You are not doing it God’s way.
• Take the plank out of your own eye. (Matthew 7:3-5)
• Imagine the world being obedient to the Scriptures.
• There are people without a shepherd because they don’t want a shepherd.
• It isn’t any different for them because no one showed them yet.
• They needed a shepherd.
• The work is overwhelming. If you don’t want to be a shepherd, then be a sheep-dog!

Matthew 21:23-41
• They were the prominent Jewish leaders of their day who did not teach with authority.
• Build your rock upon the rock. (Matthew 7:24-29)
• You got to learn from these insights.
• To teach with authority, one must teach people to obey.
• These elders came to Jesus to question His authority.
• Jesus asked them the same question!
• The tax collectors and the prostitutes changed and they went to work.

Question: Do you believe God’ Word when you hear it spoken with authority?
• The Pharisees weren’t doing the work of the Kingdom.
• The Kingdom of God has a watchtower and a wall of protection to hem it in.
• God’s Kingdom is a place to tread out the grapes and produce the fruit.
• God gave you work to do.

• Jesus proclaimed His death.
Question: How are you feeling about Jesus’ words?
Question: Do you feel like this is too hard-lined?

Matthew 21:42-46
• Nothing was vague here.
• They knew what they were being accused of.
• John the Baptist, Jesus and the apostles preached the gospel.
• When the gospel is taken away, all you have is tradition.
• There are still lost people in the world.
• Harvest all of those sinners.
• They had contempt for God’s plan.

Jeremiah 13:17
Question: Do you have contempt for God’s plan?
• You have contempt for God’s way.
Question: Do you oppose God’s gospel?
• You got to do it God’s way, not your way.
• Lukewarmness is a lack of passion, force, affection, love or enthusiasm.
• Jesus commanded His apostles.
• He gave the gospel to the few and they produced fruit.
• God can use you.
• Every team has a plan and a vision.
• They have to be the same way.
• God wants the lost people “picked.”
• It was taken away from the people of Israel.
• They built on the Rock.
• When they heard it, they did it.

1. Faith comes from personal conviction, not family tradition.
Question: Is your faith from heaven or is it from momma?
Question: Are you like Joshua and Caleb?
Question: Do you have conviction?

Mark 3:20
• There were so many people that they couldn’t eat.

Mark 3:31
• Jesus’ mother and brothers showed up.
• They would’ve taken Jesus and set Him on a completely different road, if it were up to them!

2. Faith has visible signs; it is not just in your mind.
James 2:14-20
• The only way that you will show your faith is by your deeds.
• Belief doesn’t work in any part of your life without action.

John 14:12

John 15:1-17

John 5:31-36
• You could see Him do the work. (Galatians 2:20)
Question: How do you know that someone is a Christian?

3. Faith doesn’t wait for the grave to say, “I’m saved.”
• When they see their faith, they obey, repent and believe.
• Faith wants to get in there and produce a harvest.
• You need pruning.
• There has to be a culture of openness.
• The fruit of the Kingdom requires stomping, pruning, pressing and squashing.
• You are here to do the work of Jesus.
• It is personally cleansing and purifying to study the Bible with people.
• You are here to do the work of the Kingdom.
• You need to be pruned.
• You just want to be obedient and not make excuses.
• Every minute counts.
• Every single person in the Kingdom of God gets to heaven.
• Every man and woman can and will learn about Jesus and will learn what His plan is.
• You have been called to produce the fruit of the Kingdom.