Campus/Teen Sunday

“What are you looking for and what do you see?” Sermon, Preached by Jay Shelbrak, on November 9, 2008:

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David Jefferson and Hope Gbarayor did Communion:

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“The Lord added to our number, Tricia.

Our heart-felt thanks goes out to Chris & Theresa Broom and all the disciples in the Chicago International Christian Church, because they gave up Jay and Barb Shelbrack for the weekend and that sacrifice dramatically changed the lives of the Syracuse disciples! What Jay and Barb brought us was their life example of a vibrant faith that expects miracles in the midst of real, every-day, formidable challenges–thus, the Saturday Marriage Enrichment Seminar they led was aptly titled, Peace Amongst Chaos.

For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you, because our gospel came to you not simply with words, but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and with deep conviction. You know how we lived among you for your sake. (1 Thess. 1:4-5)

Jay and Barb brought many stories of the miracles that God is doing in their lives and the lives of our dear friends who used to live amongst us here in Syracuse! Truly the spirit was saying, “If these guys can do it, so can you!”

Jay’s message on Sunday (What Do You See; What Do You Want?) cut to the heart as he preached about our God having a heart that writhes in pain at our hardheartedness, especially when we don’t see and warn others who are giving in to their sin. The love and mercy of the cross is only fully appreciated when seen in light of the devastation our own sin causes . . . we love much when we are forgiven much!

“Singing their heart out, for God!.

His charge to the Syracuse church was simple: see people’s pain, their true needs, and live to meet those spiritual needs. That was Jesus’ mission and it is ours today: to love people as Jesus loved. And then truly the whole world WILL know us by our love, one for another!

Click on the following link to hear the four messages preached to the Syracuse Married’s Ministry:

“What are you looking for and what do you see?” preached by Jay Shelbrack on Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ecclesiastes 1:12–14
• People wanted something that would change their life.

Ecclesiastes 2:1–11
• People want great things.
• People go after the money.

Ecclesiastes 2:17–18
• People hate their lives because they have given their lives to another god.

Ecclesiastes 2:19–20

Ecclesiastes 3:9–13
• The gift is being happy no matter what.
• God has put a void in your heart.
• No matter what you get, it is never enough.

Acts 17:22–23
• Peoples hearts are open.
• It is time to proclaim an unknown God to them.

Acts 17:24–27
• God is intervening.
• God is working.
Question: What is your purpose?
• People are bitter because they say, “What is it all about?”
• If you do not reach out to someone, then you are unused tool. Shame on you if God has to find another way.

Ephesians 5:15–17
• The days are evil on campus.
• People are going to go through these things but your heart has got to change.
• The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few (Matthew 9:37)
• Without radical faith, radical things will not happen.
• God wants to excite you and invigorate you.

Jeremiah 8:19–22
Question: Do you view the lost as God’s children?

Jeremiah 9:1
• Listen to the cry. Open your eyes.
• You are worshiping worthless things.
Question: What are you worshiping?
Question: Are you seeing what God is seeing?
Question: Have you ever cried to the point that you cannot cry anymore?

Amos 6:1–7
• This is similar to America.
• The worldliness strangles you.
• If you lose your focus, then you lose peoples’ hope.

Jeremiah 4:14–22
Question: How long will you harbor wicked thoughts toward the lost?
Question: How much like God are you?
Question: What are you going to do to get your heart there?

Matthew 13:13–15
Question: What happens to your heart?
• Your heart gets calloused over time to the pain.
• The challenge is to stay pure-hearted.
• Turn = Repentance = means coming back to God.

Ezekiel 9:1–11
• God was talking about the remnant: the people who came to worship God.
Question: Would you have made it?
• God will not put up with hardness of heart.
• Guilt is not a feeling; it is a state of being.
• If you do not feel anything, then it is a hardness of heart.
• Don’t get hardened; it is easy to do. (Esther 4:12–14)
• Your life is a powerful tool for God.