Marriage Enrichment Seminar

“Peace Amongst Chaos”

Peace Amongst Chaos. Okay, the real question isn’t “How do I get out of chaos?” but rather, “What can I learn because of this chaos!!” Jay and Barb Shelbrack’s lives put spiritual exclamation marks on this understanding of why God would have us refined by fire through the difficult trials that make up our lives. God wants to do miracles–He just needs to get our attention, so He can get us on board!

During the opening message, Jay preached about the kind of mental and emotional suffering that it took for he and Barb to allow God to rescue them and restore their faith in His miracles. Anyone who sets their minds on what the Spirit desires will find peace amongst; AND they will also know the battle that it took to get there and stay there in that mind-set! (Romans 8:5-8)

Download audio Lessons here:
Opening lesson.
Jay’s Message to our Married Men.
Barbara’s message to the Married Women.
Jay and Barb’s message on Parenting on Discipling.

Download the invitation here, Enrichment Invitation.