Worship in Humility

Sermon preached by Christopher Adams, November 23, 2008:

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Communion by Charles Anderson:

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“I will extol the Lord at all times, his praise will always be on my lips!”

What does it mean to worship God? So many people, today, think worship is just this highly emotional connection that we are supposed to feel when we pray and sing. In fact, the word WORSHIP has come to mean just that in religious services all over the world; worship has basically come to mean whatever you do in church when the music starts playing. Don’t get me wrong! I believe we need emotion in each of our relationships with God; however Romans 12:1 teaches that how I offer my life in view of the cross IS my spiritual act of worship!

Romans 12:1
Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.

Therefore, the challenging question we will be addressing over the next six weeks is: How does God define worship? God’s Word must be our standard for everything in our lives, over and above our feelings, traditions and personal opinions . . . including His call to worship.

The Hebrew word, Shachah, for worship means to bow down to. We all “bow down to” something in our life. That is, we all focus on one thing, lift it up as the single-most important thing in our lives, and live to bring glory to that one thing. This is how we were created. It’s just not a guarantee that that one thing will necessarily be God, since He has given each of us free will.

Think about Adam and Eve in the garden walking with God with nothing else distracting them. All day, every day was sweet fellowship, as they enjoyed all of what God made as good, except eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. No job, no bills, no finals, no stress, no kids’ activities. Only one thing to focus on . . . God alone! Can you picture it?

I believe Adam and Eve’s connecting with God and walking with God wasn’t called worship because it was their very life! Obviously, there was not yet any Sabbath day temple worship, nor any Sunday Worship Service. God ordered the world with worship in mind by placing all of creation under man’s rule and man under His loving sovereignty. This life was always meant to be one gigantic party with God. Now enter the serpent . . .

If God created us for this very purpose of walking with God, then Satan has always wanted to destroy this special connection with God! One of the ways he’s always tried to destroy our relationship with God is to get us to “stand up,” and start taking care of our own business, instead of staying “bowed down” in submission to God and His ways. We’ve bucked the whole dependence on God thing from Day One! Our self-reliance reveals itself in our lives as so many different idols that we get drawn into worshiping, instead of worshiping God. We’ve got to be humble and learn how to stay bowed down and not give in to the temptations of worshiping ourselves in these idolatrous ways!

In order to walk with God again and restore the glory of His worship, I believe we need to topple the following 3 Idols in our lives today:

1. The Idol of Fear

2. The Idol of Anger

3. The Idol of Selfish Comfort

“Worship: Lordship, Humility and Action” preached by Chris Adams on Sunday, November 23, 2008

Romans 12:1–2
• There is no difference between your life and your worship.
• Your life is a spiritual act of worship.
• You cannot separate your life from your worship.

1. Worship takes lordship.

Matthew 8:5–13
• Lordship, humility and action will lead to having a humble worship.
Question: What do you see in this humble centurion?
• His worship was his lordship.
Question: What surprised Jesus about the centurion?
• Your pride will stop you from bringing your needs to God.
• The centurion knew his role; he knew where he was supposed to be.
Question: Where is your position on the team?

Psalm 34:1–14
• Lordship/kingship.
Question: Where is this confidence that you are lacking?
• You fear God; that is the secret to lordship.
• Fearing God is repentance.
Question: What are the consequences if you do not fear God?

Psalm 36:1–2
Question: Why do you not fear God?
• You’ve lost what Lordship means in this society.

2. Worship takes humility.
Matthew 8:8
• The whole reason the centurion went to Jesus in the first place was because his servant was in a bad place.
• The centurion’s humility was shown through his outwardness.
Question: What astonished Jesus?
• Before the cross, the centurion saw humility in Jesus. (Philippians 2:1–7)
Question: Do you have that simple trust?
• Be willing to let your faith to be reset by God and Jesus.

Luke 9:23–27
• Your humility will determine whether you will go to heaven when you die.
• Your ethnicity will not keep you in or out of the Kingdom of God.

3. Worship takes action.
• The Roman centurion initiated.
• Jesus is in the business of sending. (Matthew 28:18), you are in the business of going.
• You need action to worship God.
• A lot of times you pray for your faith, how many times do you pray for humility? How many times do you pray for submission?
• All the centurion wanted to hear is the word “Go!”
• The centurion wanted to be in Jesus’ army.