Our God is a Consuming Fire

Sermon preached by Christopher Adams, November 30th, 2008:

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Communion by David Jefferson:

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“Let the fire of the Spirit reign in our bodies!!!”

As the Israelites gazed up at the Mountain of the Lord, what did they see? They saw lightning, peals of thunder, and the shaking of the earth! They saw the mountain of the Lord consumed in fire, with the zealous fire of God. This is the same lightning, the same fire, that kept the Israelites from going up onto the mountain and being with God. The Israelites were given commands from Moses, one who spoke to God face-to-face. Yet, if even one Israelite, no, even one animal touched that holy mountain, they were to be stoned until death… the mountain was for God.

Some believe that this God, who covered a mountain in fire and lightning, and whose presence shook the very foundations of the earth, was a god that existed only in the Old Testament: a god who rescued and exalted Joseph from jail and almost certain death; a god who beset plagues on the enemies of the great king David. It would be impossible that this Old Testament rescuer of men would be the same loving, caring, forgiving, merciful god of the New Testament, right?! Oh, how very wrong anyone would be to think such a thing!

Chris’ latest sermon in our series on Worship, helps us to understand that our God IS a consuming FIRE. He is the same God who was, is and will forever be . . . from everlasting to everlasting.

“Our God is a Consuming Fire” preached by Chris Adams on Sunday, November 30, 2008

Romans 12:1
• Offer your body as a living sacrifice to God.
• Your life is worship.

Genesis 3:1–24
• God’s definition of worship: Adam and Eve were walking with God. There was no need to worship any other way.
• God wants your walk with Him to be worship.
• Have a sincere, authentic and devoted relationship with God.
• The Satanic battle: Satan’s purpose is to stop you from worshiping God.
• You got to know that you are in a battle in order to fight the battle.
Question: Who are you supposed to be worshiping?
• You have got to see that when you sing, you are singing to God.

Hebrews 12:28–29
• When you see the sovereignty of God, you will worship Him with reverence and awe.
Question: Do you believe that God is sovereign?

Genesis 37:1–11
• Joseph was a man who came from humble beginnings.
• The conflict that was there was going to help Joseph see the sovereignty of God.
• God is sovereign.

Genesis 45:1–7
• God raised Joseph to the zenith of leadership.
Question: What did Joseph believe with all of his heart?
• Get the concept of the plan He has to save you.
• Focus on the sovereignty of God.
Question: What is God’s purpose?
• God’s purpose is to advance His Kingdom.

Acts 16:10–15
• God is going to work through people.
• Do not get bitter when you go through persecution and hard times.

Acts 16:25–34
Question: What if there is an earthquake today because of your worship?

Philippians 1:1–11
• It is a letter of joy; it was written out of a dank jail cell.
• Pick out three things to imitate in Paul’s worship.
• Imitate the conviction that God is sovereign.
1. Accept God’s terms of grace.
2. Preach the gospel in every place.
3. Endure to finish the race.
• Imitate Paul’s faith.
• Jesus’ grace is for everyone who responds to it. (Matthew 26:28)
• Jesus has got to be Lord of your life.
• Take up your cross daily.

Philippians 2:17
• Drink offering: the tipping point means that there is no holding back.
• You see Paul’s joy in this incredibly difficult situation.

Hebrews 13:15–16
• Offer your life as worship to God.

Philippians 1:12–18
• Paul was put in jail to preach the gospel.

• People can get in the way of seeing God and seeing yourself.
• Paul was focused on Christ being preached.
Question: What stops you from preaching?
• See how, when you focus on what God is doing, then you won’t be stopped.

Philippians 1:19–26
• Christ was lifted up and Paul bowed down.
• To Paul, his life was his worship. (Galatians 3:4)
• There is a connection between worship and faithful labor.

Philippians 1:27–30
• You have to connect it to yourself.
Question: How is that unity of the Spirit brought about?

1 John 2:6
• Sharing your faith is a responsibility, term and condition of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, not a talent.

Luke 9:23

Luke 14:33
• You are a champion of mediocrity; that is what you tend toward.
• The test becomes how sovereign you believe God is.
• It is this incredible power of the resurrection, but you cannot skip the suffering.
• The more you sing through suffering, the stronger your faith becomes.
• God’s plan is perfect.