Heart Filled Worship

Sermon and Communion preached by Christopher Adams, December 7, 2008, for the Christmas Service:

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“Make room for God in your heart!”

The heart is the most important part of a human, aside the brain. The heart, is where we feel sorrow… Guilt… Anger, and frustration. It’s in our hearts that we feel emotional pain. Our hearts skip a beat when the one we love walks by, or glances at us. It gets stuck in our throat when we want to say something, and it testifies against us when we say something false. Our heart is important. What we put into our heart has to be just as important.

God has given us room in his heart, room enough for the entire human race, from the beginning of man. He has given man a special place in his heart, a place of love and compassion. He loves us so much, that he gave us his image, and then gave us reign over the earth. Yet he does not clump us together into one group, no… he has individual room, in his vastly infinite heart of love, for everyone.

Is it so much to ask that we have the same room for God?

We are designed to give our hearts. We are designed to fill our hearts with something. Whether it be anger, malice, rage, happiness, joy, glee, or even material things like cars, money, and clothing. Yes, we all fill our hearts with something, because we all have a hole in our hearts… A hole that can not be filled by any one thing that we can own or feel. We have an infinite hole, that needs to be filled by an infinite thing… God. Whether we admit it as a whole, or as an individual, our lives are missing something without God.

God’s is missing something without us.

“Heart-Filled Worship” preached by Chris Adams on Sunday, December 7, 2008

1 Peter 2:20–21
Question: Which of the following rooms would you choose?
• Room #1 is filled with thousands of dollar bills.
• Room #2 is filled with the vaccination for AIDS.
• Room #3 is designated for the latest technologies.
• Room #4 is filled with your favorite books, poems and songs.
• Room #5 is filled with simple desks and versions of the Bible and the like.
Question: What is filling your life?
• Let God into your heart.
• There is a cost to be filled up with God.

1 Peter 4:1
• You want the glory but not necessarily the suffering.
• People were killed for saying “Jesus is Lord.”
• Peter was trying to get people to be like Jesus Himself.
• You suffer; God knows that.

1 Peter 4:12–19
• Jesus died on the cross; it means suffering.
• God wants to fill you up with His presence, in the face of suffering.

1. Make room in your hearts.
Matthew 6:19–21
Question: What is your treasure?
• The whole true challenge here is a relationship with God.
• Beg God to help you to learn.

Acts 14:8–20
Question: What was a template in their minds about religion?
• Church should not be built on a man.
Question: What message are you bringing?
• People’s hearts are fickle, so the tradition of faith only is unbiblical.
• Have repentance, obedience, and a faith that is alive.

Matthew 15:1–11
• Lay out the Bible to people who want to see it. (2 Timothy 2:20)

Matthew 15:16–20
• You have to fight the battle of worshiping God by tradition that causes you to worship in vain.
Question: What does Jesus think about this?
Question: What is God’s heart about that?
• Jesus knows what is in your heart.
Question: How do you make room in your heart?

2 Corinthians 6:11–18
• Things of the heart are not easy.
• Put your mind to it.
• It takes emotional pain to deal with things from the heart, but God has always wanted a relationship with you.

2 Corinthians 7:1–4
• Worldliness caused Paul’s friends to have no room for God in their hearts; they had worldly relationships with worldly friends.
• Your heart becomes closed.

James 4:4–6
• People view Christianity as exclusive.
• You are an ambassador of the Word.
• You get to help people, but you cannot be yoked with them.
• God’s purpose is for you to help people to get to know Him.
• You can’t be filled with worldliness.

2 Corinthians 7:8–11
Question: What is the difference between being sorry and repentance?
• Without repentance, your heart gets cold.
“Repentance must never be thought of as something we must do before we can come back to God. Repentance describes what coming to God is. You can’t turn towards God without turning from the things He is against. ‘People seem to jump into faith very quickly nowadays. I do not disapprove of that happy leap; but still, I hope my old friend repentance is not dead. I am desperately in love with repentance; it seems to be to be the twin-sister to faith.’” – Charles Haddon Spurgeon
• Identify what sin is in your heart and bring it to the light.

Psalm 10:4
• Prideful thoughts fill your heart and leave no room for God.

1 John 4:10
• You need to confess your sins.

John 8:31–32
• Find out what selfish thinking is.

John 8:37–38
Question: Do you hear the heart of love?
• They were trusting in something that is not God.
• Get rid of prideful thoughts, or “stinking thinking”.

2. Let God purify your heart.
James 4:7–9
• You should have those thoughts in your mind.
• God will do what He said He will do.
Question: Are you willing to invest to grieve, mourn and wail?

James 5:16

Luke 9:23

1 Peter 1:22
Question: How do you find that peace in emotional distress?

1 John 3:16–24
Question: How does this show itself in your life?
i. Ask a spiritual question that will help people dealing with their feelings.
ii. Come up with specific Scriptures to encourage people.
iii. Pray for specific victories.
iv. Speak the truth in love; if you see something, then say it in humility.
v. Write a special card.
Question: How is that going?
Question: When was the last time you asked for spiritual help?

3. Get God’s heart to fill many rooms.
John 14:1–4
Question: Whose responsibility is it?
• Jesus said something that is so rare; that is controlling your emotions.
Question: Can God preparing a room for you encourage you?
• If you understand that God has a place prepared for you, then there is no way that you cannot share it with other people.
• You ought to help people to make room for God in their hearts.
• The heart of God is to help people to get to know Him.
• Don’t walk away from the cross.
• Let it help you and change you.
• Everyone is going to die, 100% mortality rate among any human.
• You need to let God work in your heart.