Spirit Filled Worship

Sermon preached by Christopher Adams, December 14, 2008:

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Communion by Jonathan Pedican:

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“Set the lamp on a stand, so high it will fill us with the spirit of fire, and worship!”

Human beings are genetically designed to need something to lead them. Whether it be their own desire for advancement in life and their strong will, or someone pushing them and mentoring them to live a stronger, more filling, life. God designed us to need something to influence our lives, and make us live them. God also gave us something by which we can be influenced. He gave us His spirit.

His enthusiasm, his joys, his hates, his desires, his malcontents. His spirit, his essence, has been offered to us. We have the opportunity to be bred by the spirit of the being that created the universe! By a mind that created something so incredibly ludicrous like the Platypus, and so incredibly complex as a solar system. We are created by that spirit of creativity. For those of us who are painters, we see this driving force in our life, this spirit that gives us this desire.

Whatever it is that drives you towards righteousness, it was given by the God who put it into practice first. And what you do with that drive makes all the difference. Where you are lead by that desire affects what you become. Who you are is who you allow the Spirit of God to transform you into–it even works in that capacity too! It leads us to live lives worthy of the calling that God has spoken! We’ve been given a drive… and that same spirit also lets us know what He wants us to do with it!

The spirit of God is amazing! Chris did an awesome job, through the Spirit, studying through the scriptures and sharing the heart of the Spirit of Worship. So lets give our hearts this week to listening to the Spirit of God, as it leads us powerfully!

“Spirit-filled Worship” preached by Chris Adams on Sunday, December 14, 2008

John 4:21–26
• Let the Bible define what is spirit-filled worship as well as who is spirit-filled.
• You have got to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
• Singing gets your heart ready to worship God.
• The Samaritan woman had a long past that was burdening her.
• There was something inside of her that wasn’t at peace.
Question: Are you going to be one of these worshipers who worship in spirit and truth?
• This woman had a strong will.
• A strong will doesn’t mean that you have the Holy Spirit in you.
Question: Do you need a guarantee from God?
• God is seeking true worshipers.
• You can do the right thing with the wrong motives.
• The Spirit is conceived as a creative, animating and inspiring influence.
Question: How do you live in the Spirit?
• The Spirit is the active essence of the Deity.
• The Spirit is the essential part of God.
• Whenever you see the word “worship” you say “my life.”

Philippians 3:3–4
• You are not about the spiritual resume.

Ephesians 5:13–18
• God wants to fill you.
Question: Are you going to make the most of every opportunity?
• You are here for one reason: to preach the Word of God.
• It is great for God to reveal your sin so that you are able to make a decision to repent.
Question: Are you filled with God’s essence?
Question: Why does God want to put His essence in you?

1. Spirit-filled is spirit-bred.
Colossians 1:24–29
Question: What is His energy?
• Jesus will take you to be with His Father.
• Jesus will take you there.

John 3:1–7
• You are going to have to be born again.
Question: Isn’t it cool that Jesus works with where you are?
i. Birth
ii. New life
• There is a new birth and then there is growth.
• New life is what you will live for Jesus.
• You have got to turn away from the old life to live the new one.

Acts 2:38–39
• It is very clear that this is the secret that Jesus revealed for people to get into the Kingdom of God.

1 Peter 2:24
• They had put him on the cross figuratively, not physically, in their sin.
• The moment that you repent is when you take responsibility for your sin, then there is new life and growth.

Romans 6:1–7
• You want to be freed from sin, then you got to share in His death.
• Your sinful nature has to die.
• You are born of the Spirit so that you live that new life for God.

2. Spirit-filled is spirit-fed
Romans 8:1–11
Question: How are you supposed to live this life?
• There are two things: sinful nature and the Spirit.
• There is a choice everyday of your life.
Question: Are you going to live by the Spirit?
Question: Are you going to live by the sinful nature?
Question: What is your mind set on?
• It is your job is to set your mind on the Spirit desires. (John 7:37–39)
Question: How often are you reading the Word of God?
• The four things to do daily that allow you to be filled with the Spirit are the following:
i. Reading the Bible.
ii. Confessing sin.
iii. Building relationships.
iv. Sharing your faith.
• You have got to confess sin, to live by the spirit.
• Sharing your faith is what the Spirit desires.

2 Corinthians 3:17–18
Question: What is the Spirit doing inside of you?
• Grace allows God to love you for who you are, to change you and transform you.

3. Spirit-filled is spirit-led.
Galatians 5:22–25
• Keeping in step with the Spirit is like being in a marching band. (Galatians 5:16–18)
Question: Are you in step with the Spirit?
Question: Are you going to allow God through men to prune you?
• The most important thing is unity.

Ephesians 4:1–6
• You got to get unified in the Spirit.
• You cannot compromise on unity.
• You have got to have spiritual unity.
Question: How is the Spirit of God leading you?

Acts 6:1–7
• Every person is important.
• You are not unified with the Spirit if you are not serving.
• You need to do the right thing with the right spirit.

Acts 8:4–8
• These people preached the Word wherever they went.

Acts 8:26–40
• Philip was already filled with the Holy Spirit.
• If you are spirit-led, then you are preaching the Word.
Question: Are you listening to the Spirit?
Question: Who are You sending me to today?