Syracuse and Cornell Campus Grads

Our campuses desperately needs the gospel!

Left to right: Tricia, April, Mikiel, Jonathan, and Earl.

grad·u·a·tion Conferral or receipt of an academic degree or diploma marking completion of studies.

All of us in the Syracuse International Christian Church are celebrating alongside five of our fired up brothers and sisters who have just recently or will be soon graduating this May!

Completing their academic programs of study at Syracuse this past weekend are: Mikiel Anderson, Masters in Spanish and Jonathan Pedican, Chemical Engineering. The Cornell crew graduating May 23-24th are: Earl Jones, Applied Economics Management; Tricia Lendore, History and April Ryles, Biology!

We are very proud of their example of seeking God’s Kingdom first, especially in the way they have gone about being righteous with their academic studies (Matthew 6:33), while maintaining a vibrant relationship with God and His people by wholeheartedly holding to Jesus’ teachings in the Bible. They have truly sought out his Kingdom AND his righteousness in an inspiring way. Paul challenges the Colossian disciples to live out their faith with these words:

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know you will be receiving an inheritance from the Lord as a reward.” (Colossians 3:23)

Because of the perseverance, the hard work for the Lord and the dramatically changed lives of these young men and women over the past several years, many fellow students, professors, co-workers and parents have seen what true Christianity looks like in laser-focused HD and been called to change their lives as well! And not only have these zealous disciples had an impact on those not yet in God’s Kingdom, but they’ve definitely called all of us here in the Syracuse International Christian Church higher to allow God to transform us into the joyful family of believers that God wants us to be!

To the graduates, we praise God for each of one of your hearts that loves Him with an undying love. Just remember: short time or long—you will be receiving an inheritance, the ultimate degree, conferred upon you by your loving Father in heaven as a reward! Now, continue to preach His Word!