Go Into All The World

Global Leadership Conference
Campus Congress

Downtown Los Angeles Sheraton Hotel
August 2 – 4, 2009

“Go into all the world” was Jesus’ last challenge to the faithful eleven. Before most of them would die for the cause, the Spirit – through Paul – confirms their obedience, “All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing… This gospel has been proclaimed to every creature under Heaven.” (Colossians 1:6, 23) The great commission was not only the motivating vision for the first century church, but also it is our dream for the twenty-first century church! Biannually, the SoldOut Movement Churches celebrate a Jubilee where all the disciples in God’s new movement from all over the world strive to come together in Los Angeles. In the alternating years, a Global Leadership Conference convenes in different cities. (Lord willing, in 2011, we will meet in London, England!) This year, we are focusing on campus ministry and have called a special Campus Congress. Prayerfully, our college students worldwide will draw closer to God and to each other, thus forging relationships that will last a lifetime, and knit God’s movement with the bonds of love. For Sunday Worship on August 2, 2009, the Global Leadership Conference and the Campus Congress will meet with the City of Angels Church. In the evening, there will be a delicious banquet for all the participants of the Conference and the Congress. Monday, we will meet in separate seminars. Tuesday morning, we will all be back together for the Men’s and Women’s Programs and the concluding inspirational charge to “go into all the world!”
Registration for both the Global Leadership Conference and the Campus Congress is $95. Registration for most participants will be administrated by the church leadership in each of our congregations. However, if you are not a member of one of our congregations and would enjoy attending, please email Michele Williamson for more information at michele.williamson@gmail.com or call 503-320-7760. Accommodations for these days, is the responsibility of each participant. The Sheraton is offering an incredible deal of $129 per night for the nights during the conference, as well as three days prior and three days after this event. To receive this discount you may register online at: www.starwoodmeeting.com/StarGroupsWeb/booking/reservation?id=0906099322&key=F0E0F or call 1-800-325-3535 and ask for the Global Leadership Conference rate. Let us pray that this historic gathering will greatly accelerate the evangelization of the nations in this generation! And to God be the glory! – Kip McKean

Sunday, August 2
9:00 am Welcome to the City of Angels Church!
9:30 Good News Sharing
Kyle Bartholomew (Hawaii and the Philippines), Theresa Broom (Chicago, Orlando and Australia), Chris Chloupek (Phoenix), Kacie Comisford (New York City), Ron Harding (Oregon), Tim Kernan (London and Africa), Sasha & Louisa Kostenko (Moscow and the former Soviet Union), Patrique Smellie (DC and Syracuse) and Matt Sullivan (Central and South America)

10:00 Communion & Contribution Raja and Debs Rajan
(Chennai and all India)
10:30 Break
10:45 “A Severe Famine In All The World” Chris Broom
12:00 Close

6:00 pm Fellowship Dinner
7:30 MERCYworldwide Presentation Nick & Denise Bordieri
(Los Angeles)
8:00 “Go Into All The World” Kip McKean
(Los Angeles)

Monday, August 3 Campus Congress
9:00 am Welcome & Singing
9:30 “The Refuse Of The World” DJ Comisford
(New York City)
10:30 Break

10:45 Admonitions & Encouragements
Early Mornings And Late Nights – Raul Moreno (Los Angeles)
Creativity Produces Baptisms – Joel Parlour (Chicago) Daily Proclamation On Campus – Kyle Bartholomew (Honolulu)
Prayerful Daughters Of Esther – Kacie Comisford (New York City)
The Full-time Ministry Dream – DJ Comisford (New York City)
Sent Out From The Campus – Vic Jr. (Los Angeles)
Digging In The Word For Buried Treasures – Tyler Sears (Eugene)
Super Fruitful And A 4.0! – Brittany Parlour (Chicago)
12:30 Lunch

7:30 pm Singing
8:00 “In The World Not Of The World” Mike Patterson
(Los Angeles)
9:00 Prayer Groups

Monday, August 3 Global Leadership Conference
9:00 am Welcome & Singing
9:30 “The Whole World Is In His Hands” Andrew Smellie
(Washington DC)
10:30 Break

10:45 Admonitions & Encouragements
Moving Hearts At Worship – Lu Jack Martinez (Los Angeles)
Show Me The Money! – Chris Broom (Chicago)
Spanish Language Ministries – Victor Gonzalez Sr. (Los Angeles)
Waiting For The Kingdom – Sasha Kostenko (Moscow)
Discipling Sexual Abuse – Carlos Mejia (Los Angeles)
Chemical Recovery Ministries – Russ Preston (Portland)
Building Remnant Groups – Tim Kernan (London)
11:30 Shepherding The Flock And The Family
Panel: Bordieris, Parlours, Shelbracks, Untalans
(Chicago and Los Angeles)
12:30 Lunch

7:30 pm Singing
8:00 “The Whole World Had One Language” Ron Harding
9:00 Prayer Groups

Tuesday, August 4 Women’s Program
9:00am Welcome & Singing
9:15 “The Light Of The World” Elena McKean
(Los Angeles)
10:00 Break

10:15 Admonitions & Encouragement
Working for God Not “My Man” – Patrique Smellie (Washington DC)
Loving Evangelism – Sonja Chloupek (Phoenix)
Motherhood and Quiet Times – Theresa Broom (Chicago)
Willing To Go Anywhere For The Gospel! – Helen Sullivan (Santiago)
Baptize Disciples Only – Michele Williamson (Los Angeles)
Older But Wiser – Jeanne McGee (Los Angeles)
11:30 Break
Men’s Program
9:00 am Singing
9:15 “Satan Leads The Whole World Astray” Michael Williamson
(Los Angeles)
10:00 Break
10:15 Admonitions & Encouragements
Administration and Finances – Michael Kirchner (Los Angeles)
Internet Ministry – J. Ciaramella, R. Harding and R. Onekea (Los Angeles and Portland)
11:30 Break

11:45 “This World Is Not My Home” Matt Sullivan
12:30 Go into all the world!