Know Mercy

“Maximizing Efforts for Relief Care and Youth!”

The Day of Mercy held on June 20th was part of a worldwide initiative in our family of churches to truly fall in love with the service of God. MERCY Worldwide is the benevolent arm of the International Christian Churches that will enable thousands of volunteers to meet needs in their communities. This day filled with community service projects around the neighborhoods of Syracuse helped the Syracuse disciples reconnect with God’s heart and vision for the city that He has given to us. Projects included skits by the Pied Pipers (our very own Children’s Theatre group); outreach/mentorship in the Mary Nelson Community Center and the Beauchamp Public Library; and the “extreme makeover” of the Neighborhood Computer Project lab. The service theme of all three project sites was “Loving Literacy!”

Disciples from the Syracuse International Christian Church did these projects in their “Spiritual Apprentice” teams, as part of an overall focus on training disciples to evangelize their great city! At the Mary Nelson Community Center the first team pulled in the children with several read-alouds before the Pied Piper’s performed the play “The Father and His Daughter.” After the play, an impassioned poetry and music selection was done by Charles Anderson followed by more book-readings, face-painting and a gift handout. All the kids’ smiling faces proved how much kids DO love literacy!

“Mary Nelson Community Center!”

In the second project, the “Pied Pipers” put on yet another show for the kids in the Beauchamp Public library, and the once quiet library was filled with laughter, book readings and story re-telling. One of the kids in the audience volunteered to be the narrator of a special “Pied Piper rendition” of Green Eggs and Ham that was the hit of the entire day! The children and staff at both these locations were greatly appreciative of us being there and even asked when we were returnig!

In our final location, another team worked throughout the entire day, completely remodeling an old, dilapidated computer lab into a warm, vibrant, and hip digital-literacy space! The team transformed the lab by re-arranging and re-networking all the computers to create a more interactive learning environment and placed the fininshing touches with recently donated paint and carpeting.

“Beauchamp Library, and Gang!”

At the end of the day, we were so proud of how God used us to impact our community by simply putting Jesus’ love and servitude into action. The Day of Mercy, as it is aptly called, really reminded all of us disciples of the incredible impact we can have when Jesus’ words become reality in our lives and in the lives of those in our amazing community!