2010 World Missions Jubilee
Hilton Hotel – Universal City, California
August 8, 2010

Hilton Hotel “ Universal Studios

Sean Stafford, Baptized!

Sean Stafford, Baptized!

EXODUS is the inspirational theme for our 2010 World Missions Jubilee, for it was out of Egypt “ out of slavery “ that our God brought His people to the Promised Land! It was also out of Egypt that God brought His son to save the nations! (Matthew 2:15) All of the titles of our speeches and classes will be taken from the Pentateuch. These first five books of the Bible record Moses and the Israelites seeing the very glory of God through historically unique events such as the ten plagues of Egypt, the crossing of the Red Sea, the fire on Mount Sinai, as well as daily, when they collected the manna and viewed the cloud above the Tabernacle through which the Lord would tell the Israelites to remain at that camp or continue their journey to the Promised Land. Today God’s glory is returning to His people! Amazingly in less than four years, the Spirit has grown the Sold-Out Discipling Movement to almost 40 congregations in 19 nations! Our family of churches’ motivating vision is the evangelization of the nations in this generation. Lord willing, in continuing The Crown Of Thorns Project, we will witness the sending out of the London Mission Team! Paul wrote to the disciples, For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and the encouragement of Scripture we might have hope. (Romans 15:4) So come and join our worship as your faith will surely be strengthened by the mighty power of the Lord and the awesome deeds of His people, as we revisit the principles of the EXODUS and go to all nations! (Deuteronomy 34:10-12)

The fifth biannual World Missions Jubilee will be held at the beautiful Hilton Hotel in Universal City, Los Angeles! There will be a Global Leadership Conference on Wednesday August 4th; registration will be $20. Thursday evening, August 5th will be the opening session of the Jubilee. The seminar will conclude at 1PM on Sunday August 8th. The registration cost for both students and adults is $90 ($95 at the door). Registration will begin on March 1st. You may register through the mail (2010 WMJ, 536 Sheldon Street, El Segundo, CA. 90245) or online at www.CAICC.net. The rooms at the Hilton Hotel are only $129/night for the first 100 rooms. After the first 100, the price will be $169/night. Conveniently, once at the hotel, no transportation is necessary as all Jubilee events are at the Hilton. This incredible facility is located adjacent to both City Walk, with about 40 restaurants, as well as the Universal Studios Theme Park. Saturday, the Jubilee schedule will conclude at noon to allow all participates to enjoy a time of fun and fellowship at Universal Studios Theme Park. If you have any questions contact the Jubilee Directors: Andrew Smellie at 315-415-3213 or Rob Onekea at 213-300-3190. Come and bring your whole family to this historic occasion! And to God be the glory!

Kip McKean

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2010 World Missions Jubilee
Theme Speeches & Speakers
Let My People Go – DJ Comisford (New York City)
Nehushtan – Matt Sullivan (Santiago)
The Golden Calf – Andrew Smellie (Los Angeles)
The Jethro Principle “ Chloupeks (Phoenix) and Williamsons (London)
The Cloud Over The Tabernacle – Chris Broom (Chicago)
The Promised Land On The Second Try – Kip McKean (Los Angeles)

Workshop Classes
Motherhood: Pharoah’s Daughter Changes History – J. McGee / L. Mejia
Quiet Times: Manna In The Morning – Vic Gonzalez Jr. / O. Sirotkin
Full-Time Ministry: The Burning Bush – DJ & Kacie Comisford
Deepening Your Bible Study: The Voice Of God – K. Bartholomew / A. Smellie
Teaching Bible Talks: His Face Was Radiant – C. Broom / M. Patterson
Women’s Leadership: Miriam The Prophetess – E. McKean / P. Smellie
Finding God’s Will: Balaam’s Donkey – T. Kernan / C. Mejia
Prayer: Moses Held Up His Hands – A. Lips / J. Shelbrack
Fruits Of Righteousness: Zeal For God’s Honor – J. Clark / R. Moreno
Family Devo’s: Impress On Your Children – Adams / Parlours

Spanish-Speaking Program
During the Jubilee, there will be a Spanish-Speaking Program on Friday during the day and on Sunday morning. The speakers for these sessions are: Victor & Sonia Gonzalez, Raul & Lynda Moreno, Matt & Helen Sullivan, Sal & Patricia Velasco, and Theresa Broom.
Global Leadership Conference
The Global Leadership Conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel on Wednesday August 4th. This meeting will begin with an informal breakfast at 7:30AM and will conclude at 12:30PM. This event is open to all who are in leadership, as well as those who aspire to be God’s servants in planting and building churches. The charge is $20.
Speakers Dinner
The Speakers Dinner will be held on Wednesday at 6:30PM. This is a separate event from the Global Leadership Conference and is by invitation only.
Administrators Breakfast Meeting
The Administrators Breakfast Meeting will be held Thursday from 9:00AM to Noon. Michael Kirchner, who is the Administrator for all the SoldOut Movement Churches, will oversee this event. Every lead evangelist and their administrator are invited to this meeting.
Shepherds Lunch
Thursday at 12:30PM, Nick & Denise Bordieri and Tony & Therese Untalan will be hosting a luncheon meeting for all the Shepherding Couples in the SoldOut Movement Churches.
Specialized Ministry Lunches a Fellowships
On Friday August 6th, there will be specialized ministry lunches. Nick & Denise Bordieri will be hosting a luncheon honoring the disciples who are in leadership with MERCYworldwide. Ron Harding, our Lead CyberEvangelist for the Movement, will direct the Web Deacons Lunch & Meeting. Mike Patterson and Shay Vloet will host a Teen Lunch & Fellowship. Also, there will be a Chemical Recovery (CR) Ministry Lunch & Meeting overseen by Russ Preston. On Friday evening at 6PM, Michael & Michele Williamson will be in charge of a Singles & Campus Social, where finger foods will be served.
“The Kingdom’s Got Talent” Show
For this year’s Jubilee, instead of our usual concert on Friday night, Jeremy Ciaramella will be our host on “The Kingdom’s Got Talent” Show! This will not be a competition, but a time for disciples from all over the world to glorify God by showcasing their God-given talents. In order to perform, you must audition in person or on video by July 15th.