The Calling

2011 Global Leadership Conference
Hyatt Regency Hotel – Garden Grove, California

August 21-23, 2011

Jesus went up on the mountainside and called to Him those He wanted, and they came to Him. He appointed twelve “ designating them apostles “ that they might be with Him and that He might send them out to preach. Mark 3:13-14

Location of the 2011 GLC

The 2011 Global Leadership Conference (GLC) is the annual gathering of the leadership of the SoldOut Discipling Movement. Since God’s movement is expanding rapidly “ both numerically and geographically“ the goal of each GLC is to provide leadership training, to forge relationships in our growing global leadership team, and to reaffirm our motivating vision of the evangelization of the nations in THIS generation. This year’s exciting theme for the GLC is THE CALLING.

We believe that the SoldOut Movement is not merely a family of churches, but is the modern day movement of God! The theme of THE CALLING will deepen our conviction that every disciple is to live a life worthy of the calling [that he] has received. (Ephesians 4:1) This challenging theme will also remind those of us in the full-time ministry that serving God in this capacity is not a job, but is the very calling of God! In the Scriptures, the voice of God was silenced only when the man of God refused to listen. Therefore, to be an Evangelist, Women’s Ministry Leader, Shepherd, Administrator or Deacon is a life-long calling. Also as Jesus called the Twelve, we are urging every young person to attend who may sense that God is calling them into the full-time ministry. Finally, the theme of THE CALLING is vital at this hour as suffering and persecution will only intensify as our numbers increase and the frontiers where the Spirit leads us grow in difficulty.

It is inevitable that the wrath of the world and the fury of Satan will likewise escalate. As Peter reminds us, To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you leaving you an example that you should follow in His steps. (1 Peter 2:21) What an incredible theme for this year’s historic and momentous Global Leadership Conference!

The 2011 Global Leadership Conference will begin at 9AM on Sunday morning August 21, 2011. Gathered that morning will be not only the City of Angels Church in Los Angeles, but also all of the disciples of our sister churches in Phoenix and San Diego. The predicted 300 participants of the GLC from around the world will join this collective Sunday Worship Service to praise God and to kick-off the conference! Sunday afternoon will serve as an extended fellowship opportunity. Then that evening for the 300, the Global Leadership Conference Program continues with a scrumptious banquet and the theme speech “ The Calling. Monday will be dedicated to other speeches, as well as classes and workshops that are focused on leadership training for specific roles. Tuesday morning, the brothers and sisters will meet separately to address various needs. Then the closing speech “ Called To Follow In His Steps “ will send us into all the world and the conference will conclude around 1PM.

Last year for the 2010 World Missions Jubilee, the registration was $90 for the Jubilee and $20 more for the banquet of all the leaders. The overnight price at the Universal City Hilton was $129/ night “ totaling at $516 for the four nights of the Jubilee. This year the overall cost for the conference will be significantly less if you are staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The cost per night is an amazing $99! Therefore since the GLC is only three nights, your total room cost is $297 “ very affordable with up to four in a room “splitting this cost!
This year’s banquet is included in the registration fee which is $150! It was great to bring our families last year to the Jubilee as the Hilton was situated by Universal Studios. This year for the GLC, our families can enjoy Disneyland as it is a mile from the Hyatt Regency Hotel.
Since we have secured such favorable room rates with the promise to the Hyatt Regency Hotel of booking at least 270 room nights, we are asking everyone that has the ability to please stay at the Hyatt. You may register for the 2011 Global Leadership Conference at the City of Angels International Christian Church website: On the Global Leadership Conference Webpage, a separate link to the Hyatt Regency Hotel will allow you to register for your room nights as well.

One note, if you are flying into LA, we highly recommend that to fly into the John Wayne Airport in Orange County rather than LAX in Los Angeles County. Located in Orange County, the Hyatt Regency Hotel is just 15 minutes from the John Wayne Airport, but the drive could be well over an hour from LAX. Special thanks go to Carlos Mejia who has made these arrangements. Also thanks to Tim Kernan who is the Director of this year’s GLC.

During the 2011 Global Leadership Conference there will be many highlights. One of the highlights will be the appointments of more Evangelists and Women’s Ministry Leaders at any one event, than even in the glory days of our former fellowship. Another highlight at the collective Sunday Morning Worship Service will be the sending out of the third Crown of Thorns Mission Team to Sao Paulo, Brazil! Please be earnestly praying that this year’s Global Leadership Conference will glorify God as we obey THE CALLING of His voice to go to all nations!

Kip McKean