Syracuse Good News! 03.16.14


Joel Parlour: God is always so good to us in Syracuse! Since raising our weekly pledge by 20% a month ago, we have consistently “given beyond our ability!” Our average attendance is the highest it’s been in quite some time – well over 90 per week! And today, we celebrated the restoration of a young single man named Sean (affectionately called “Tiny”) and the baptism of Tyler!

“Tiny” makes a “big” come back to the Lord!

Tyler moved to Syracuse from Michigan in August 2013. Since arriving, he attended different churches searching for one where he saw obedience to God’s Word. He goes to school full time and works two jobs! About a month ago, Tyler was reached out to by a few disciples while serving them at Applebees. He came out to church and brought his girlfriend with him. After church, he said he wouldn’t come back because our a capella worship was not the contemporary Christian worship he was used to. But after considering his reasoning, Tyler realized that worship is not the sole purpose of church and if that is the only reason he would not come back then certainly God is calling him to stay!

Compelled by God and the love of the disciples, he continued to come and today was saved through the waters of baptism! Tyler plays guitar, ukulele, keyboard, and drums which is just what we need to step up our worship! Please pray for his girlfriend who wants to be baptized!

God changes Tyler’s heart to understand that true “spiritual worship” is to live for God 24/7!

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