Syracuse Good News 03.25.14


Joel Parlour: God is always so good to us in Syracuse! In the last three weeks, we have seen one precious soul restored and three baptisms! Last week, on Saturday night around 10PM, Sarah was baptized into Christ! Sarah is about to graduate in a few months to be a “perfusionist” – a very specialized job in the medical field! She is very talented and truly loves God with all her heart!

Joel & Courtney’s hard work to rebuild the sold-out
foundation is yielding so much fruit, one of
whom is our dear sister Sarah!

Then on Sunday morning, Sonimar was baptized! Her testimony is very powerful as she shared with us why the world made her feel so lonely and empty. Darlene reached out to her after a class they had together at Syracuse University and though she grew up religious decided to come check it out. Not only did she check it out but every week she would sit on the front row with a huge smile on her face focused in on the service! She was so fired up about getting baptized that she had her family come out to church with her, and her brother is now eagerly studying the Bible!

Sonimar is no longer lonely and empty as she has
found the “abundant life” in Christ Jesus!

And one extra special personal piece of good news is: My wife Courtney is pregnant with our first child! To God be the glory!

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