Syracuse Good News 04.13.14


Joel Parlour of Syracuse: God is always good to us in Central New York State! We are making serious headway on collecting money for ourMay 25th Missions Contribution, our attendance is averaging nearly 100 every Sunday, and the church continues to give sacrificially well above our pledge! On top of that, we are having a blast!

Two Saturdays ago we hosted our First Annual Men’s “Munch” Madness! The brothers got together for wings and a chili cook-off and to watch the March Madness Basketball Tournament! We had so many visitors! I was especially encouraged by our dear brother Charles Anderson. Though he is physically the oldest brother in the church and has been extremely exhausted lately due to recently suffering serious illness, Charles came out to The Madness with six of his friends! Certainly a call higher for all of us as his example takes away many of our excuses!

Then last Sunday, we witnessed a miracle as Letecha was baptized into Christ! Letecha is a graduate student at Syracuse University. She first visited the church during a midweek service about seven months ago. At midweek she stood up during the good news sharing and announced the need for her to change her life. After wrestling with God for all that time God brought hope to Letecha’s life by our dear sister Hope reaching out to her again on campus. By this time she was truly ready to change! God’s timing is perfect!

God’s patience expressed through the love of the
Syracuse Sisters wins Letecha to the Lord!

This Sunday we saw another prayer answered! At the beginning of the year we prayed for God to open a door to start a Bible Talk at Onondaga Community College (OCC). Then God brought an OCC student Tyler into His Kingdom! But while Tyler was studying the Bible, we gently challenged him to start sharing his faith. So immediately Tyler boldly reached out and the first guy he met was Josh!

He invited Josh to a Dating Workshop we had that Friday to which he came. Josh has studied the Bible earnestly ever since. Today Josh was baptized as a true disciple of Jesus Christ! Last Wednesday we officially launched our new OCC Bible Talk!

Syracuse’s Dating Devo inspires
Josh to get baptized!

So in the last five weeks we have seen six added to our number – five baptisms and a restoration! To God be the glory!

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