Testimonial – Miriam Rojas


Earth Has Nothing I Desire Besides You

“But he was pierced for [my] transgressions he was crushed for [my] iniquities; the punishment that brought [me] peace was on him, and by his wounds [I am] healed. We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.” (Isaiah 53:5-6)


My name is Miriam Rojas and I currently serve as a campus intern for the Syracuse International Christian Church. I was converted under the leadership of Coltin and Mandee Rohn in the Inland Empire Region in the City of Angels International Christian Church. Just last summer I got asked to move to Syracuse, NY. I am delighted to share my testimony with you.

Growing up was tough. I am the oldest of four sisters and I have two amazing & hardworking parents who always met my physical needs and at times spoil me. At the age of five I moved to the U.S. from Mexico. In order to survive both of my parents had to work and so I was left with my grandparents all day every day. My sisters and I would be left alone at a very young age to take care of ourselves. Materialistically I had all my needs met however I remember feeling so alone and my heart was so empty. In 5th grade I started feeling extremely depressed because my parents were moving me away from my friends and school to a new place. As a result I started over eating and keeping to myself, as a 6th grader I weighted nearly 200 pounds. I hated myself. I felt like no one wanted to be my friend. In middle school I grew to be “tougher” and “not care” about what people thought. I was so deceived because in my heart I really did care about what everyone thought. Before starting high school I needed to be skinny so I started running for hours at a time and barely eating. I lost nearly 50 pounds in two months! It was at that time that I also started partying, drinking, using drugs, and going to clubs. You can say I made the sins in Galatians 5:19-21 my “to do list.” I was smoking marijuana habitually, taking ecstasy pills at clubs, and inhaling nitrous oxide at house parties. I loved the feeling of shutting out the world until I would go unconscious. These things became my tools to numb the pain inside me. Yet even with all these I still felt the emptiness in my heart.

Over the next two years I sought to fill my emptiness with worldly pleasures and immorality. Through those deceitful desires I never found the love I was seeking for. I was miserable. I even started having suicidal thoughts but I couldn’t find it in myself to do it. My lowest point was in November 2010, I carelessly drank for weeks straight. It was that very next month that a great friend of mine, Richard Noches, invited me to church! Shortly after I began studying the bible with amazing women of God! And today I owe my life to: Mandee Rohn, Sara Oros, Karla Garcia, Brittany Lukins, and Courtney Parlour for teaching me the word of God. The word of God transformed me inside and out, and I was hungry for the word of God in a way that Twinkies never satisfied me. On March 6, 2011 in Los Angeles, California I made Jesus Lord of my life! All of the emptiness in me was filled and satisfied with God and his Word. I saw God’s love pour out on the cross and no longer needed to go to any man, drug, or club for love because Jesus was what I was looking for all along. I made the decision to change my life completely and live for God and His mission for me to go to all nations and preach his word!


Sadly in September 2012, I lost my focus and began to go back to my worldly desires. At that time I was leading in the campus ministry and I knew I couldn’t continue in my double life. I loved the world more than I loved God, and I left God and his church and went back to drinking and being sexually immoral. By December 2012 it came to a sudden hault. I saw my desperate need for God. Miserable and hurting, I sought help from two great friends: Cesar Limon and Courtney Parlour. Indeed they helped me overcome and return to God and his Mighty Kingdom. Then in August 2013 the Parlours asked me to join them. Though it was just a week before their departure I gladly said, “Yes!” At once I quit my job, told my parents and my roommates, and packed my bags. The Kingdom is truly my top priority!









I sincerely love the church here! From Day One the church has been super loving and giving. I am extremely grateful to be part of the church here in Syracuse! There’s no place I would rather be than with God’s people doing God’s will. I’m fired up to see the campus ministry explode numerically, geographically, and spiritually! Serving now as a campus intern I want to continue in my zeal for God, helping many others who are empty and lost come to Christ.

Perhaps my joy can be summed up by David’s precious words in Psalm 30:11-12: “You turned my wailing into dancing; you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with joy, that my heart may sing your praises and not be silent. Lord my God, I will praise you forever.”



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