The Hope of all the Nations Report


The Hope Of All Nations report


“In [Jesus’] name the nations will put their hope.” (Matthew 12:21)


The 2014 Northeastern Winter Workshop two weeks ago was nothing short of remarkable! One brother said afterward, “That was the best Winter Workshop I have ever been to!” Truly God was pleased with his saints in with the Northeast Congregations! The workshop was entitled, “The Hope of All Nations!” Gathered from Boston, Syracuse, Washington D.C., and New York City disciples came and gave their whole hearts to the workshop, one another, and ultimately to God as we experienced the “Wow factor” all weekend! Over 370 people came to to the finale worship service Sunday morning! It was blow-away!


We all walked away with a new vision and many of us with new hearts as many of the speakers called us to repentance. Ron Harding – Evangelist in the Washington D.C. Church – opened up the weekend with a fantastic message calling us to believe in ourselves as God does and never give up. Saturday was full of classes led by many powerful men and women of God. Then on Sunday Andrew Smellie preached a sermon for the ages that was titled after the workshop! To conclude the service each of the Evangelists and Women’s Ministry Leaders were called to the stage and given a tiny bronze Liberty Bell to take home. Surely, we felt God’s presence as we left that place with not just a vision for the evangelization of Philadelphia, our cities, and the United States, but for All Nations!


Lord willing, in the next few months our partners in the gospel from California, Chip & Ashlee Moody, will be moving to the great city of Philadelphia to lead the “remnant group” there in a powerful way! Chip & Ashlee are very dear friends to Courtney & me as we have been in and out of ministries together for the last several years. Ashlee and I go all the way back 15 years as we were childhood friends in Syracuse!


Saying good bye to all of our brothers and sisters was difficult, but we all looked forward to returning to home cities to bring the great message of hope to the lost people of our cities. Excitingly, all four of the northeast churches have the same prayer goals! Each disciple was encouraged to pray these prayers everyday so that we can see God’s impact from now through the end of 2014! Being a part of a Movement of churches is important for unity (John 17:21) and to be “one in heart and mind” (Acts 4:32). Together, as a movement, the theme for 2014 is The Year of Prayer. This is something that we need to focus on as a family of churches but also individually.


It truly is exciting to be a part of a Movement! Something that we do on a weekly basis is send out a Good News Email reporting all the miracles that God is doing around the world! Today I would like to show you some excerpted highlights of things that have happened in just the last couple of weeks!


Mike Patterson of Gainesville:“So we rebuilt the wall till all of it reached half its height, for the people worked with all their heart.”(Nehemiah 4:6) Nehemiah after hearing that the walls of Jerusalem were in shambles had a burning passion in his heart to see the walls rebuilt! Having faith and courage in the midst of tremendous opposition, in just 52 days, Nehemiah and the remnant of God’s people completed the building of the wall! My lesson for our Inaugural Service was called Rebuilding the Walls of Christianity. When we look at “Christendom” today, we see the shambles of false doctrine, denominations, lukewarmness, and even churches that are tolerant of homosexuality and smoking! In Gainesville, a city with over a 100 “churches,” the Gainesville International Christian Church has set out to rebuild a true church of Jesus Christ – one composed of only sold-out disciples! Today, history was made at our Inaugural Service as God blessed us with 99 in attendance! I was told that the electricity in the room was like that of a Gator football game! To top the service off, the church saw its first baptism ever! After studying the Bible, Jacob saw the truth of the Scriptures on the Holy Spirit and gladly gave up his former false doctrines. As he shared today at his baptism, Jacob boldly challenged every visitor to study the Bible! Please continue to pray for us as we have around 40 people studying or set up to study the Bible!


Coltin Rohn of Boston: In light of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the incredible stance that he took during the Civil Rights Movement, the title of the lesson today was I Have A Dream. Our sermon was based around Jesus’ longest recorded prayer, John 17 (Jesus’ “I Have A Dream” Speech) and then closed out with a reference to Dr. King’s speech with the words, “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we are free at last!” This came true to Anthony D today! Anthony was invited to church almost a year ago by Sal & Jen Difusco. However God was working on Anthony’s heart that whole time. The reason he wasn’t able to come to church or return a phone call was because he was in jail for five months. In Anthony’s own words, the whole time that he was in jail he was praying that God would get him out, so he could get on the straight and narrow path and truly be set free – both physically and spiritually! Upon being released, Anthony found Sal’s card in his wallet and he was the first person he called! Then after a week of studying the Bible, going to the Winter Workshop in Philadelphia, and more studying the Bible, Anthony D was baptized today in the “freeing” waters of baptism! To God be all the glory!


Blaise Feumba reporting from Haiti: “Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.” (Habakkuk 1:5) My flight from LA to Haiti was delayed at the New York City stop and redirected to Miami. This started my praying! I finally landed in Port-au-Prince on Sunday, January 12th instead of Saturday 11th. This was the first strike from the Devil after a life changing Winter Workshop in LA where I delivered a speech on Prayer Grows The Church. It was then I began remembering all the Scriptures I felt “others” needed… but I see that my lesson was God preaching to me to get me ready for Haiti!The goal of this mission trip was to encourage the disciples in three of our four existing Haitian Churches in Chantal, Camp-perrin and Port-au-Prince and to start our fifth church in Jacmel, the most important tourist destination in Haiti. That same Sunday night, we started studying the Bible staying up till 1AM with so many including a preacher from a Baptist Church who resisted the gospel.That said, the Lord blessed our work there with six baptisms in three days! The Chantal Church has now grown to 25 disciples with an average attendance of 70 people every Sunday!Alexis, Lousbert, Reles the 74 years old preacher, Michelet, Germain and myself then started studying the First Principles Bible Studieswith Jean-Bonard’s entire fellowship of about 45 members during our stay. Opposition started immediately as some members of the board decided to oppose the gospel in their desire to remain in “the old way.” After wrestling in prayers and Bible studies in a night without electricity and internet connection, we set about using torches to study with people in Jacmel!The Lord finally granted us an incredible turn around on Saturday, January 18th, as 11 people were baptized in the ocean that night! Then, after many studies with the leader of the faction group, (I was praying to God every moment that long night as it was so intense), the Holy Spirit convicted Guy Simon of sin and at 5AM on Sunday morning, he counted the cost, confessed his sins to his wife, and with his two daughters were baptized before the service taking the number of baptisms so far to 14 new sold-out disciples in Jacmel!After the service 10 more people counted the cost and were baptized as disciples! Thus in less than 24 hours the Spirit gave birth to our fifth church in Haiti: the Jacmel International Christian Church – now with 24 Disciples led by Jean-Bonard & his newly baptized wife Loverlie Colin!So we now have churches in five cities with exactly 70 sold-out disciples from one disciple, Alexis who was baptized in LA after the August 2013 Global Leadership Conference! To our Awesome God be all the glory!


Dear Brothers and Sisters: This is only three of the dozens of things shared on a weekly basis! Let us be amazed at the power of God and humbled by his decision to choose us to do his will. I pray that going in 2014 we will not misquote Martin Luther King, Jr. in saying, “I had a dream” but we will join together in unison, “I have a dream”! The Kingdom of God is here and it is the good news that God has commissioned each of us to spread to All Nations! “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9)Through faithful prayer, this will be the greatest year Syracuse has seen in a long time! Let us not give up hope in God, for a harvest is coming! And to God be all the glory!


In His Service,


Joel R. Parlour

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