Syracuse Good News 7.17.14


Joel Parlour: What an incredible few weeks we have had in Syracuse! First of all, a special thanks to Tim & Lianne Kernan and the entire Toronto Church for hosting us and so many others at their awe-inspiring Inaugural Service!

The Parlours are welcomed to the Toronto Inaugural
Service by Toronto’s Sister of Encouragement –
Megan Studer!

And also a special welcome to the New York City Supplemental Mission Team! Within a five hour drive in nearly every direction, we have churches in Toronto, Philadelphia, Washington DC, New York City and Boston! I am excited to serve under the leadership of one of my best friends and greatest influences Chris Broom! I know the Northeast USA will be evangelized!

Over the past few weeks, we have had the honor to send out “our best” to sister churches! I could share about these disciples at length, but for time’s sake… I won’t! Sharon Groman has served and served in Syracuse for many years and is one of the most genuine and sacrificial disciples I know! Now she is living out Romans 12:9 in New York City! Alvina Baugh has been a mother to us all in Syracuse! She lives out Romans 16:13 in Las Vegas! Yinet Montesino is a lot like Lydia in Acts 16 as she has been very persuasive and fruitful over the past eight years here! Now she brings that heart to Gainesville!

Drew & Tina Henshaw are one of the most dynamic couples I know and have tirelessly served “under the radar” in Syracuse since the 1990’s! Now they live like Priscilla & Aquila in New York City! Along with these people goes their sacrificial efforts and nearly $2,000 a month in sacrificial giving! We will continue to sacrifice for the sake of God’s Kingdom and give “our best” for all time!

God is doing great things in Syracuse and I believe the miracles will now multiply! God blessed us with a powerful restoration and an amazing Singles Retreat! 

Engracia (second from the right) is joyfully restored to the Lord!


Please pray for God to blow out our 21st Anniversary Service next Sunday! To Him be the glory!

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